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Editors are at the heart of great writing. They read critically; help writers communicate clearly and eloquently; check facts; and manage grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. They shape nearly everything we read, working in business, journalism, government, publishing, health care, education and the non-profit sector.

Our courses will help you become a key part of the writing and publishing process by sharpening your editorial eye, honing your proofreading skills, and teaching you to communicate effectively with writers.

Program graduate Megan on advancing in her editing career

Editing Certificate

SFU's part-time, online Editing Certificate will take your skills to the next level and prepare you to join the world of publishing and freelance editing. 

Editing courses and workshops (available individually)

If you're not ready to apply to the Editing Certificate, you're welcome to take editing courses one at a time. The following editing courses and workshops begin within the next few months, but many other courses and workshops are also open for registration.

August 2018

1 Basic Proofreading EDIT220 EDIT220-ON11842

8 Stylistic Editing EDIT508 EDIT508-ON11842

15 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON11842

22 Business Processes in Editing EDIT509 EDIT509-ON11842

September 2018

5 Final Project: Editing EDIT410 EDIT410-ON11872

5 Grammar EDIT250 EDIT250-ON11871

5 Writing and Editing for the Web EDIT505 EDIT505-ON11871

6 Advanced Study in Writing for Business and the Professions BCPW205 BCPW205-ON11871

11 Plain Language Principles PLNL110 PLNL110-ON11871

12 Document Design and Production for Editors EDIT240 EDIT240-ON11871

12 Editors and Editing: An Introduction EDIT110 EDIT110-ON11871

19 Indexing: An Essential Art and Science TCOM230 TCOM230-ON11871

October 2018

3 Copy Editing EDIT210 EDIT210-ON11871

3 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON11871

17 Business Processes in Editing EDIT509 EDIT509-ON11871

November 2018

21 Final Project: Editing EDIT410 EDIT410-ON11871

February 2019

27 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON11911

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