New Media Journalism

Take a new approach to digital storytelling

Journalism has changed. We still want to know what’s happening around us and why it matters—but instead of opening the paper or watching the news, we turn to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or the latest blog.

New technology has made journalists of everyone. Some coverage is worth our time, and some isn’t. Good new media reporting is compelling, current and cross-platform.

Grad Alan shares how the program helped him make industry connections and stay on top of industry trends.

New Media Journalism Certificate

In SFU's part-time New Media Journalism Certificate, you'll learn to use old media skills in the new industry, master new media tools, and polish your writing and reporting skills.

New Media Journalism Certificate courses

Journalism workshops and courses (available individually)

We also offer a variety of other communications and PR courses and workshops on a stand-alone basis:

January 2017

28 Economics of New Media Journalism   JOUR235

February 2017

04 Multi-Platform Writing and Editing   JOUR225

March 2017

18 Online, Video and Audio Reporting   JOUR325

April 2017

29 Law and Ethics in Journalism   JOUR315

May 2017

06 Specialized Writing   JOUR335

27 Information Visualization   JOUR340

June 2017

03 Social Media Skills for Freelance Writers   JOUR215

17 Economics of New Media Journalism   JOUR235

October 2017

07 Multi-Platform Writing and Editing   JOUR225

January 2018

06 Interviewing: Profile Writing   JOUR245

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