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Liberal Arts for Adults 55+

Vancouver Vancouver

January 2018

6 Aging Well in Community LIB106 LIB106-VA1181

6 The Night Sky in Your Computer: Astronomy Software LIB144 LIB144-VA1181

8 Dressing It Up, Dressing It Down: A History of Women's Fashion Accessories 1700-2000 (55+) PLUS210 PLUS210-VA1181

8 From Dionysus to La Scala: The Politics and Grandeur of Theatre Architecture (55+) PLUS208 PLUS208-VA1181

8 Indigenous Theatre in Canada: An Avenue for Reconciliation (55+) PLUS209 PLUS209-VA1181

9 Innovative Perspectives on Resilient Aging (55+) PLUS211 PLUS211-VA1181

9 Life Writing: Creating a Self for Our Life Story (55+) PLUS181 PLUS181-VA1181

9 Major Peace Treaties and Their Consequences (55+) PLUS104 PLUS104-VA1181

10 Contemporary Fiction by Middle Eastern Women (55+) PLUS215 PLUS215-VA1181

10 Spanish Painting and the Imitation of Nature (55+) PLUS213 PLUS213-VA1181

10 The Music of Richard Rodgers (55+) PLUS216 PLUS216-VA1181

11 F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age (55+) PLUS217 PLUS217-VA1181

11 Sustainability: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else (55+) PLUS218 PLUS218-VA1181

11 The Musical Language of Haydn and Mozart (55+) PLUS220 PLUS220-VA1181

11 Upward Mobility to Dissolute Decline: The Brilliant Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) (55+) PLUS219 PLUS219-VA1181

12 A Self-Discovery Journey With Tao Te Ching (55+) PLUS111 PLUS111-VA1181

12 George Orwell: Revolution Betrayed and the History of Fake News (55+) PLUS221 PLUS221-VA1181

16 Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassic Art (55+) PLUS212 PLUS212-VA1181

17 India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: A Virtual Tour of Cultural South Asia (55+) PLUS214 PLUS214-VA1181

19 Photography and Art: Exploring the Essence of an Art Form (55+) PLUS222 PLUS222-VA1181

20 The Complexities of Conflict: Seditious Fenians and Protestant Gobemouches: Ethno-Religious Tensions in Newfoundland LIB140 LIB140-VA1181

27 The Complexities of Conflict: Evolution of Rules of Engagement LIB141 LIB141-VA1181

February 2018

3 The Complexities of Conflict: War and Public Opinion: A Closer Look at the 20th Century LIB142 LIB142-VA1181

5 Your Next Move: Transitioning with Intention LIB139 LIB139-ON1181

17 The Complexities of Conflict: War of Words: The Western Balkans in the Early 1990s LIB143 LIB143-VA1181

20 Arts for Brain Fitness (55+) PLUS167 PLUS167-VA1181

20 Beyond Neo-Liberalism: The Rise of Radical Democracy (55+) PLUS227 PLUS227-VA1181

20 Opera in Performance: Cross-Dressing, Castrati and Star Singers (55+) PLUS226 PLUS226-VA1181

20 They Sing the Music Through Time: A History of Musical Instruments (55+) PLUS228 PLUS228-VA1181

21 Jazz: The True American Music (55+) PLUS231 PLUS231-VA1181

21 Music for the Soul: From Church Gospel to Street-Corner R&B (55+) PLUS230 PLUS230-VA1181

21 Story Catching: Learning from Life (55+) PLUS142 PLUS142-VA1181

21 Writing from the Body: A Way to Summon Words (55+) PLUS229 PLUS229-VA1181

22 Darwin, Freud and the Mapping of the Modern Mind (55+) PLUS233 PLUS233-VA1181

22 Dying and Death: Conversations and Reflections (55+) PLUS232 PLUS232-VA1181

22 Imagine There's No Heaven: A History of Atheism (55+) PLUS234 PLUS234-VA1181

23 Canada's Trade Relations: A Critical Juncture? (55+) PLUS236 PLUS236-VA1181

23 The Colours, Beauty and Sounds of Persia (55+) PLUS235 PLUS235-VA1181

23 The Glamour of Grammar: Modern English Through Traditional Grammar (55+) PLUS237 PLUS237-VA1181

26 Asghar Farhadi and His Cinema: Positive Critiques and Controversies (55+) PLUS225 PLUS225-VA1181

26 Capitalism: A Beginner's Guide (55+) PLUS224 PLUS224-VA1181

26 French Impressionism: The First Generation (55+) PLUS223 PLUS223-VA1181

March 2018

3 Legal and Ethical Issues in End-of-Life Studies LIB145 LIB145-VA1181

10 Dreams: A Portal to the Source LIB146 LIB146-VA1181