Aboriginal Health Mentorship Project

The Aboriginal Health Mentorship Project supports Aboriginal students interested in pursuing health careers and/or exploring some of the challenges of combining culturally traditional practices with mainstream health care systems approaches. The goal is to strengthen Aboriginal students’ confidence, knowledge, and abilities in pursuing a variety of careers in health sciences.

The initiative is matching Aboriginal health professionals, practitioners, and elders with Aboriginal post-secondary students at SFU. Mentors and mentees will work together over a six-month period to develop a mutually beneficial relationship that places a high value on reciprocal learning. The project will culminate in a two-day public forum in March 2013, during which the mentors and mentees will present on a health-related theme that they have identified and developed together.

For more information, or to find out more about becoming a mentor or student mentee, please contact us at 778.782.7925 or cep_info@sfu.ca.

Information for mentors and students:

This project will draw on the experience and expertise of mentors and students in the following ways:

November 2012

  • Attend a workshop on November 20 to meet your mentorship partner and define what you both wish to learn or achieve as a result of your participation in the project. You will discuss your mutual interests, explore potential final presentation topics, and shape the overall structure and format for the two-day public event.
  • Begin building your mentoring relationship.

November—March 2013

Work together in your mentoring relationship and plan a presentation for the public dialogue, which will take place in March 2013.

March 2013

Attend and present during a two-day public event, which includes being filmed for future learning and teaching opportunities. Presentations will focus on an Aboriginal health-related theme that you and your partner define, as well as on various aspects of your mentorship relationship (again, as you define them).