Aboriginal University Prep Program

Earn a university degree

Aboriginal University Prep Program students

An undergraduate education could be your key to professional success, but the experience can be challenging and intimidating. SFU’s Aboriginal University Prep Program is designed to do two things: prepare you for your studies, and give you confidence in your ability to excel.

Join an academic community of students

SFU is committed to making our campuses and programs a welcoming place for Aboriginal students. This bridging program at our Surrey campus is one way for you to become part of the university community in a supportive environment.

Build a foundation for success

The Aboriginal University Prep Program will help you build a solid foundation of academic and personal success skills as you prepare to transition to university. You’ll take preparatory courses in a variety of subjects:

  • Diversity, knowledge, and cultural traditions in indigenous communities
  • Foundational, university-level reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Study skills, managing stress, motivation, and traditional approaches to wellness

As you work through the program with a small group of other Aboriginal students, you’ll receive support from Aboriginal Elders, community members, and student mentors who provide subject-specific tutoring. You’ll also become familiar with SFU and our student support services.

Get into Simon Fraser University

When you successfully complete the Aboriginal University Prep Program, you'll earn academic credit as well as conditional acceptance into SFU, Canada’s leading comprehensive university.

Is the Aboriginal University Prep Program for you?

This bridging program is for all people of Aboriginal heritage (First Nation, Métis, and Inuit) who want to pursue a post-secondary education, who are looking for new challenges and career paths, and who are motivated to explore what university has to offer. We encourage all Aboriginal high school graduates and mature learners to apply.

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The Aboriginal University Prep program is now accepting applications.

Apply Now

Attend an info session for the program starting September 2014

Attend an info session for the program starting September 2015

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Phone: 778-782-7107

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