Restorative Justice Certificate (online)

Restorative justice: Take a different approach to resolving conflict

Restorative Justice CertificateIsadore Charters, an Aboriginal artist and elder, works with SFU students to carve a healing pole that symbolizes his eight-year experience at a B.C. residential school.

Restorative justice takes a community-minded approach to conflict resolution. With deep roots in Aboriginal and many faith-based communities, it focuses on healing and restoration rather than punishment. On the premise that conflict causes harm, it holds wrongdoers responsible for repairing damage. Victims, offenders, and communities reach solutions that allow them to continue to live together in safer, healthier environments.

Learn to use powerful restorative justice practices in your community

SFU’s Restorative Justice Certificate introduces you to the philosophy behind this compelling concept and examines restorative justice practices such as mediation, conferencing, and circles.

Through discussions, exercises, and other practical activities, you’ll learn how to use these practices in conflict resolution and community development. You’ll also improve your decision-making and leadership skills and build networks with other people who are committed to championing the values and principles of restorative justice.

Study online

We offer this part-time certificate entirely online. You’ll be ready to change the way you think about justice and conflict resolution in only one year.

Is our restorative justice program for you?

Restorative justice techniques are facing increasing demand in the justice, policing, corrections, education, and community and family service sectors. The Restorative Justice Certificate is for you if you’re looking for a new way of helping people deal with conflict and you’re open to the challenge of expanding your horizons.

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