Part-time, online Restorative Justice Certificate

Restorative justice: A different approach to conflict resolution

Restorative Justice Certificate

Conflict is inevitable in any organization, community or family—but it doesn't have to destroy relationships. In addition to the challenges it presents, conflict is an opportunity to learn, grow and better understand one another.

Restorative justice, which takes a community well-being approach to conflict resolution, is growing in demand in the justice, policing, corrections, education, community and family service sectors. Rather than focusing on blame and punishment, restorative justice advocates understanding, relationships, healing and restoration. On the premise that conflict causes harm, it gives victims a voice and holds wrongdoers directly responsible for the damage they cause. Victims, offenders, and community members reach solutions that allow them to continue to live together in safer, healthier environments.

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Kim Riddell, a graduate of our online Restorative Justice Certificate, has seen the power of restorative justice firsthand.
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Learn to use powerful restorative justice practices in your community

SFU’s part-time, online Restorative Justice Certificate will introduce you to the philosophy behind this compelling concept. It's for you if you’re looking for a new way of helping people deal with conflict and you’re open to the challenge of expanding your horizons.

Through discussions, exercises, and other practical activities, you’ll examine restorative justice practices such as meditation, conferencing and circles, and learn how to use them in managing and restoring relationships as well as community development. You'll also improve your decision-making and leadership skills, and build connections with other professionals who are also committed to championing the values and principles of restorative justice.

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