Part-time, in class New Media Journalism Certificate

Program details

Format Part-time in Vancouver

Each course runs from one to five weeks and involves seven to 35 hours of instruction. Courses meet on Saturdays.

The 120-hour practicum will be completed at the location of your choice on a schedule you agree upon with your practicum host. Once you begin your practicum, you have three months to complete it.


The program can be completed in as little as 10 months. You have up to five years to finish.*

*Beginning on the day you start your first course (as long as the course is part of the program's curriculum when you apply). 

Upcoming terms
You may begin with any course.
Courses There are eight required courses as well as a practicum.
Learning materials There are no required textbooks for this program, but for some courses you may need access to the Canadian Press Stylebook. The cost is not included in your tuition. See "Learning materials" below for details.
Tuition Tuition is based on the total cost of individual course fees, which range from $170 to $850.
Application fee $75 (non-refundable
Application deadline Apply anytime. There is no application deadline for this program. 

Start with a few courses

If you're not ready for the certificate program, start with a few new media journalism courses. All of them will help you build key communication skills, and you may transfer them into the certificate program if you choose to complete it later.

Learning materials

All journalism students need a wireless-enabled laptop or notebook loaded with a licensed Microsoft Office suite and a web browser.

For certain courses, you may also need a copy of or access to an online subscription of the Canadian Press Stylebook. Visit individual course pages for details. To purchase a subscription, visit the Canadian Press website.

Coursework: What to expect

Our new media journalism courses are university-level and typically require daily preparation. They're designed to help you share your experience and ideas with your peers. You may have in-class or take-home assignments and individual or group projects.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with the New Media Journalism Certificate, complete all required journalism courses and the practicum with an overall grade of B (75%). When you have successfully completed all your courses, please fill out the graduation application form. There is no fee to apply to graduate.