Part-time, online Non-Profit Management Certificate


What makes the Non-Profit Management Certificate unique is our mentorship opportunity, which will help you apply what you learn and experience in the program to your professional practice. SFU will match you with a mentor who will work with you throughout the program to offer support, guidance, networking suggestions and more.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are experienced managers in either the non-profit or private sectors, with training and/or relevant experience as mentors. Our program makes a distinction between mentoring and coaching. For a helpful overview of the differences, read this primer from Management Mentors.

Mentor responsibilities

  1. Provide opportunities for you to ask big questions. Mentors will respectfully challenge you, pose new questions, present new perspectives and offer new information.
  2. Help you network, make connections and expand your horizons. Mentors will help strengthen communities of practice and identify opportunities.
  3. Support you in applying what you learn from the coursework, and/or connect you with the resources you need to do so. Mentors will help you dive deeply into materials, depending on your interests. They will be respectful of course content, and act to enrich course content or course delivery by helping you better understand it or by introducing complementary materials or ideas.

    Mentors agree to volunteer their time to support a strong and thriving non-profit sector in Canada. Mentors will be given access to all course materials, but are not expected to be or to become experts in all program content—that is the role of course instructors.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor, please fill out this brief survey, and our program staff will be in touch.

Student responsibilities

We expect you to be respectful of the time and the value of your mentor’s contribution, prepare for each meeting, be thoughtful and reflective about real challenges you’re facing, and to be open about how your mentor can help you with new perspectives and challenging questions.

Time commitment and frequency

You and your mentor will each commit to meeting at least once per month for up to an hour during the time you are an active student in the Non-Profit Management Certificate. You will come to a mutual agreement regarding the times and ways in which you meet.

How does it work?

After you apply, are accepted into the program, and register for your first course, you may register for the mentorship opportunity by clicking on the 'Register' button above. We will contact you to ask you to share some information about your work, and then begin the matching process, which can take several weeks.