Part-time, in class and online Occupational Health and Safety Certificate

OHS courses

SFU’s Occupational Health and Safety Certificate consists of six core courses and two to four electives.

You may begin with the first core OHS course, Introduction to Health and Safety Systems (OHS505), in any semester. Check for prerequisites before registering for the remaining courses. We encourage you to apply to the program before registering for the first core OHS course.

After taking OHS505, students should take Management of Health and Safety Systems (OHS510), followed by one of Fundamentals of Occupational Hygiene (OHS515) or Safety Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control (OHS520). All other courses can be taken in any order.

Core courses (234 hours)

Electives (choose for a total of 78 hours or more)

Workplace Training and Development   MGMT316
(36 hours) Note that this course has prerequisites