Full-time, in class Public Relations Certificate

Public Relations Certificate instructors

All of the instructors in SFU’s Public Relations Program are industry experts with a combined total of more than 300 years of experience.

  • Mak Abdelhai

    Mak Abdelhai is a visual effects and motion graphics producer with more than 18 years of experience... read more

  • Jayne Akizuki

    Jayne Akizuki is a freelance television producer and communications specialist with nearly 25 years... read more

  • David Connop Price

    David Connop Price is a web communications specialist with Surrey Schools, where he manages the... read more

  • Jaclyn Cummings

    Fuelled personally and professionally by a passion for start-ups, team leadership and wellness,... read more

  • Lucy Duso

    Lucy Duso is a communications specialist at Metro Vancouver. She works with planning and... read more

  • Mitchell Fawcett

    Mitchell Fawcett has been working for over 10 years in the lifestyle sector to help brands tell... read more

  • Russell Garrett

    Russell Garrett is a management professional and career consultant with over 20 years of experience... read more

  • Amanda Haines

    Amanda Haines is the principal and director of Reformation PR. She completed her BA in psychology... read more

  • Pamela Hart

    Pamela Hart can teach anyone to feel comfortable speaking in public. She is the founder of Release... read more

  • Keith Lay

    Keith Lay has been passionately involved in the creation of digital media since 1989. In the... read more

  • Kylie McMullan

    Kylie McMullan is the principal at Finch Media, a marketing and communications consultancy. She has... read more

  • Fawn Mulcahy

    Fawn Mulcahy has over 20 years of public relations experience in agency, client-side and... read more

  • Linda Munro

    Linda Munro is an independent PR consultant who runs Rimrock Consulting and works in partnership... read more

  • Natasha Netschay Davies

    Natasha Netschay Davies is president and owner of MoonrakerPR.com, a digital PR and communications... read more

  • Heather Ritzer

    Heather Ritzer is the communications manager at Lawson Lundell LLP where she is responsible for the... read more

  • Amy Robertson

    Amy Robertson is a marketing, communications and PR professional. Currently, she works in media... read more