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In this option, you'll complete all coursework and workshops online. You'll participate in live workshops through SFU's video-conferencing software.  


At a glance

This program consists of the following:

  • Two core courses (Creative Writing 1 and 2)
  • Bi-weekly mentor workshop groups
  • Several one-on-one consultations with your mentor throughout the year
  • Online readings (including training) of your work
  • Readings and talks from mentors and guest authors

Term 1: Creative Writing 1

Course Modules

  • Manuscript Critique for Writers
  • Writing as a Vocation
  • RPMs (Rhetoric, Process and Material) of Writing
  • Possibilities of Form

Term 2: Creative Writing 2

Course Modules

  • Cross-Genre Workshops
  • Pen and Sword: Legal and Ethical Issues in Creative Writing
  • Minding Your Manuscript
  • Getting Published: From Manuscript to Book
Watch Meredith Quartermain, an award-winning Vancouver poet and our poetry mentor, speak about the importance of community for writers, advice for aspiring poets, what she looks for in students, and more.

Writing workshops with mentors

You’ll meet regularly online with eight other writers in your mentor workshop group, which your mentor will facilitate. You’ll work with the same group for 10 months in one of the following genres:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry and lyric prose
  • Speculative fiction and writing for young adults

After receiving training in our workshop process in Manuscript Critique for Writers, you'll continue to develop your skills in giving and receiving constructive feedback throughout the fall, spring and early summer within the context of your mentor workshop group. In the spring, you'll identify the contents of your final portfolio (which will require 20 pages of writing), do the necessary revisions to bring it to final draft, and continue to workshop your new writing.

Toward the end of the program, the focus of these workshops will shift to revising your writing and completing your portfolio.

One-on-one mentor meetings

During the program, you will have three one-on-one sessions with your mentor. During your one-hour meeting, you can discuss your writing, identify goals, and ask your mentor for advice on advancing your writing career.

Mentor, guest and student readings

Using our online collaboration tool, you as well as our mentors and guest authors will read to the rest of the cohort.

Mentor readings

Each mentor will read from a selection of his or her published work, give an informal talk about his or her writing process and professional life, and share some tips on giving effective public readings.

Guest author panel

We also invite local and regional authors to read from their recently published books. Each will give an informal talk about his or her writing process and professional life, and answer questions.

Student readings

You will build your confidence as you read your work to a live audience.

Alumni Authors

Our alumni have published dozens of books and other pieces.
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The Huffington Post ranked our program as one of the world's top alternatives to a Creative Writing MFA.

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Join us at our monthly reading series

We have monthly readings in Vancouver and Surrey. Join us to hear our alumni read from their latest work.