For undergraduate students (Bachelor’s degrees*, Certificates*/Diplomas*) and graduate students (Master’s degrees, Doctoral degrees and Graduate Diplomas)

Please note that a separate application is required for each degree, certificate and diploma that you are completing. 

Apply to graduate in the second week of the start of your last term of courses to avoid missing any deadlines.  See deadline dates, below.

  • If you apply to graduate between May and the August DEADLINE (summer application), your ceremony will take place in October.
  • If you apply to graduate between September and the April DEADLINE (fall and spring applications), your ceremony will take place in June.

Planning to invite guests from outside Canada? See our FAQ.

1. Apply

  • If you finish your degree this term, apply on the Student Information System. Check the application deadlines, above.
  • If you finished your courses over three terms ago, and want to graduate now, please email Student Records at  (use Graduation Application as your subject line). They will send you an application form which you should fill out and fax to 778.782.4969.
  • Want to cancel your application?


Undergraduate students Your application will be cancelled if your payment is not processed by the deadline.  Please allow 5 working days before the applicable deadline for payment to be processed
Graduate students You have already paid any graduating fees and no further payment is required. You can check the status of your application on the Student Information System.

Please note: if your application is cancelled due to non-payment of the graduation application fee, you will need to re-apply through the Student Information System and pay your grad application fee before the final deadline (see above).

2. Check application status

Check your application status on the Student Information System.

Definitions Application status
Applied Your application has been received. If you are an undergraduate student, you now need to pay the fee. Graduate students have already paid.
Pending Your payment has been received and processed – it will stay in this status until close to the end of the term. (This doesn't apply to graduate students.)
In Review Your application is under review by your faculty (or, in the case of graduate students, by the Dean of Graduate Studies).  Your status will remain "in review" until shortly before Senate meets. (Normally, Senate meets early in September, February and May.)
Approved Your graduation has been approved by your faculty for recommendation to Senate and will remain "approved" only for a few days prior to being "awarded".
Awarded Senate has granted your degree: you are now able to participate in the upcoming ceremony and receive your degree parchment. Your degree will now be noted on your transcript. 

3. Receive Senate letter

Senate meets in early September, February and May, and sends graduates from the previous term a letter awarding their degrees. Note that the receipt of any other graduation information does not constitute approval of your graduation. If you have not received your Senate letter by two weeks before Convocation, you may confirm your status by checking on the Student Information System or call:

  • Undergraduates: 778.782.6930
  • Graduate students: 778.782.3042

4. Confirm attendance/reserve regalia

Confirm your attendance and make sure to reserve regalia.

5. Plan for the day

Think about your day in advance and see how everything will work. See you at Convocation and congratulations on your graduation!