Arts and Social Sciences Co-operative Education

For New Students Applying to Co-op for a first workterm in Spring 2017

Student Activity
Jun. 8th or earlier Apply online at 
  Now to the end of August

After applying online you will receive an email from the Arts Co-op Office within 10 days that outlines next steps that you must complete.

You must first indicate in Symplicity that your "Intended Next Working Semester" is Spring 2017. This must be done by June 8th. (This is found in the Personal Profile section of Symplicity.)

You will then complete the following Job Search Preparation Tasks this summer: 

  1. Registering for Bridging Online I (BOL1) session in the summer semester (one of Sessions 1-11; registration in sessions 12-14 is not recommended as they are too late in the semester).
  2. Attending the mandatory Arts Co-op Orientation on June 21st. Please sign up for this session in Symplicity.  
  3. Attending the mandatory co-op workshops on Resume, Cover Letters and Interview skills now or by the beginning of August.  
  4. Attending a Resume Review Session with a co-op coordinator by the end of August.  

Registration for #1, 2, 3, and 4 above is available in Symplicity under "Events", then "Workshops".

Weeks 1-16
Co-op 101 sessions - see here for more information. (these sessions are not required to applied to co-op, it's simply for you to learn about co-op).  
Summer Week 6
  Email notification sent to students who applied to co-op by June 8th if they are allowed to undertake the Job Search Preparation Tasks in the summer semester. This e-mail will summarize what they must complete this spring to prepare for their first co-op job search.
Summer Week 7
Jun. 21st Orientation for New Arts and Social Science Co-op Students. Please register on Symplicity for this mandatory group session (under Workshops). 
Summer Week 12-17
Mid July- end of August
Resume Review Sessions for New Arts Co-op Students: Specific dates will be offered for these sessions. Please sign up on Symplicity for a resume review session with a Co-op staff member (mandatory).

For Students Seeking Fall 2016 Work Terms

Student Activity
Spring Week 17
April 30th
Seeking Student Activation Deadline: Upload your SIS, resume and transcript to Symplicity and check "2016 Summer - 4 month" (on the Profile tab) so that we know you want to do a Summer 2016 job search.
Summer Week 2+
May 13th
Students are released to apply to summer co-op jobs in Symplicity.
Summer Week 3+
May 16th and later
Interview period starts.
Summer Weeks 1–16
May - August
Additional Workshops for Seeking Students: Resume Design MakeOver, Going Global for Work, Your Unique Job Search. Register in Symplicity for these workshops.
Summer Week 14 Augustl 8th Last day of classes.

For Students Working a Summer 2016 Term

Week Date Student Activity
Summer Week 3 May 20th
Last day to pay Student Activity and UPass fees. 
Summer Week 8 June 17th
Last day to pay Co-op Practicum fees.
Summer Week 7+ mid-June- July
Site Visits - A co-op coordinator will contact you to schedule a meeting with you and your supervisor.
Summer Week 14 Aug. 15th
Work Reports, Student and Supervisor Evaluation forms due.