In addition to the regular co-op program, these are additional co-op options you may choose to do as well.


International Co-op provides students with a unique opportunity to travel the world, while working in their specified field of study. Students who work abroad expand their career prospects by gaining international experiences in the workplace and beyond. In the past 13 years, SFU students have completed over 1000 co-op work terms around the globe. Click here for more information.


Create your own Co-operative Education learning opportunity by targeting a new employer contact. Tap into the co-op resources and support while developing targeted job search skills. Click here for more information.


The Chartered Professional Accountants Designation (CPA) is the designation of choice for accounting professionals in Canada. The CPA program combines a technical accounting focus with a strategic management edge and is designed to meet the needs of public accounting firms as well as industry in the public and private sectors. Practical experience is an essential part of becoming a CPA, which is where Business Co-op comes in. Gaining experience in accounting and finance related Co-op work terms not only counts towards the 30 months of work experience needed for the designation, you also learn about the different accounting career paths available to you and will make important professional connections for your future. Click here for more information on our CPA Co-op Program. 


Have your own business idea? Venture Co-op provides you with the resources and networks to develop your business idea through SFU Venture Connection. Click here for more information.