Want to build your skill set, network with professionals and expand your career options? Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (BPK) Co-op is where you will think independently, conduct research, communicate to diverse audiences, consult one-on-one with clients and analyse data in this interdisciplinary field. Build your resume and earn income while you complete your degree. Don't wait until graduation to start your career.


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The Co-op Student Guide

Check out the Co-op Student Guide for more information and resources on how to succeed within the Co-operative Education Program at SFU. The guide is a perfect place to start your journey with Co-op! Read below to learn more on admission requirements, job searching, what to expect during the work term and more!

Co-op Student Guide

Application Fee and Practicum Tuition

There is a one-time Co-op application fee. You must pay tuition for each Co-op Work Term.

What do you get for your application fee and practicum tuition?