New Students

Upon acceptance into the BPK Co-op Program, you will be registered in a BPK Co-op Orientation Canvas Course where you will learn about Co-op procedures and next steps for success. Content for the course includes the following requirements below and will be completed during your application semester.

Preparing for Seeking Term

To prepare for job seeking, the mandatory next steps are:

Step 1. Pre-Requisites

Orientation Canvas Course
Meet and Greet Session
Bridging Online I (BOL I)
Implement Learning

Apply for Co-op Work Permit (for International Students only)

You will need to apply for a Co-op Work Permit, which is different from your off-campus work permit/study permit. This should be done as soon as possible it may take up to 3 months for application processing.

Complete Orientation Canvas Course

The Orientation Canvas Course is an online course intended to help students understand Co-op processes, complete forms, learn how to enhance competitiveness, and tips for success.

Attend a Meet and Greet Session

The Meet and Greet session is a 50 minute introduction and orientation to the BPK Co-op Program.

You will meet the co-op staff, learn about co-op opportunities, hear tips for success from senior co-op students, and an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Complete Bridging Online I (BOL I)

BOL I is a two-week online course that helps you identify, describe and transfer your existing work, study, social, sports, arts, community, leadership, volunteer and life skills to the workplace. This self-paced course is offered regularly throughout the term and can be completed on your own time.

Attend the Workshops

There are three required workshops (resume, cover letter, and interview/portfolio). These workshops are tailored for BPK Co-op students, and our goal is to address your concerns, to explore current practices and ideas, and to provide a safe environment for feedback and revision.

  Work in Spring
Work in Summer
Work in Fall

Preparation Term 
(Completing workshops)

Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021