It's important to note that in the Environment Co-op program we look at each student individually.  If you're not quite sure that you're eligible based on specific requirements, or if you have any questions, the best thing to do is contact the Environment Co-op Coordinator.

Things to Consider

There are certain expectations of all students who join Environment Co-op.  

These include:

  • All undergraduate students are expected to complete at minimum of three work terms, alternating between work and study semesters. Students not intending to complete at least three terms will not be admitted.  
  • Acceptance into the Co-op program does not guarantee placement in a work term. Students are required to apply for posted positions, and it is the employers who determine the applicants to be interviewed and hired.  
  • New students should ideally join Co-op two semesters prior to your first Co-op work placement.  
  • Searching for a Co-op work term is a lot like taking an extra course. Writing cover letters, preparing for and attending interviews, and attending Co-op workshops takes a lot of time and effort ­ but it pays off! 
  • Don't worry if you didn't get a job immediately since the majority of our students get placed later in the semester.  Hang in there! Some of our best jobs come in late in the semester.  
  • Expect to have FUN too! The Co-op staff are happy to help you (drop-ins for quick questions, and appointments for longer questions), and the Co-op Program is always looking for ways to keep students involved and excited.


Undergraduate Programs

  • You must be enrolled as a full-time student in a degree program.
  • You must have an approx. cumulative grade point average of 2.75 
  • NO MORE than approx. 80 credit hours of courses completed toward your current degree 
  • You must commit to completing a minimum of 3 work placements. Students not intending to complete at least 3 work placements will not be admitted 
  • Many of the Environment Co-op placements are located outside the Lower Mainland and students should be willing to relocate for some of their work placements 
  • You are advised to have strong computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database, and if possible some familiarity with GIS and GPS is a major asset)


Graduate Programs

  • Get verbal approval to participate in Co-op from your academic supervisor 
  • You must complete your workterm(s) before defending and graduating 
  • Be available for 8 month placements. Most REM & MET employers prefer the graduate students to stay on for two semester due to the advanced nature of the work, increased level of responsiblity, and amount of guidance and training provided by the employer.