Interactive Arts and Technology Co-operative Education

NEW STUDENTS Accepted to SIAT Co-op

Week Dates (Suggested Completion Dates)


January 4 - February 29

Co-op Workshop Requirements

After being accepted to SIAT Co-op, you'll receive an email from the SIAT Co-op Office that outlines your next steps, including completing the following sessions and workshops. Register through Symplicity (Events > Workshops).

1) Attend a SIAT Co-op Information Session. If you cannot attend any of the available sessions, please contact
Sessions offered in Spring 2016:

Thursday, January 28   2:30PM - 3:30PM   SUR 4260
Thursday, March 3   11:30AM - 12:30PM   SUR 2746 
Tuesday, April 12   11:30AM - 12:30PM   SUR 2746  

2) Register in and complete the next possible Bridging Online I (BOL I (One)).
BOL I courses are two-weeks plus two-day time frame. There is a new session every week starting January 11 and the last session starts April 11. The course is delivered via SFU Canvas.

3) Register in and complete Co-op Workshops: Resume, Cover Letter, Interview or complete one All-in-One Workshop. A full schedule of Spring 2016 offerings can be picked up from our SIAT Co-op Office (SUR 2560).

4) Attend a SIAT Portfolio Clinic.
Sessions offered in Spring 2016:

Wednesday, February 10   11:00AM - 12:00PM   SUR 2746
Friday, March 11   1:30PM - 2:30PM   SUR 2746
Friday, April 8   11:00AM - 12:00PM   SUR 4260       


February 29 - April 29

Intake Appointment

Upon completion of the above sessions and workshops, you must book an intake appointment to review the Co-op Agreement and your documents. Email the SIAT Co-op Student Advisor, Richard Myers at or visit the Co-op office in SUR 2562 to make an appointment for your intake session.

1 - 17

January 4 - April 29

Special Workshops (Optional)

Throughout the term, other workshops are offered and available for you to attend on topics such as International Co-op.

SEEKING STUDENTS Applying for Co-op Jobs during Spring 2016 for a Summer 2016 Work Term

Week Dates

Week 9-14 of Fall 2015

 November 6 - December 11

Document Submission

An announcement will be sent via email. Upload and apply to the SIAT Test Job with your SIS, Cover Letter, Resume, and Transcript in Symplicity and complete the online web form.

2 January 14

Attend the Seeking Orientation (mandatory for first-time Seekers).

Register through Symplicity (Events > Workshops). All SIAT Co-op students are welcome to attend.
Thursday, January 14     2:30PM - 4:00PM     SUR 5100

 2 - 17+

January 15 -  May 6

Apply for jobs in Symplicity 

Be sure you have all the required documents ready to apply for positions. Students are released on Symplicity to view and apply for co-op jobs starting January 15th.


January 28 - May 20

Interview Period

Be sure to see your co-op advisor throughout the application process to touch up on your interview and job-search skills.

12 - 17+

March 21 - May 6

Lightning Round

Further information will be provided to all Seeking Students via e-mail. If you will be out of town during the semester break, inform SIAT Co-op.


Week Dates
January 15

Co-op Placement Basic Information and Learning Objectives

Deadline to complete your Co-op Placement Basic Information and submit your Learning Objectives for your "2016 Spring" job in Symplicity.

3 & 7

January 18

February 19


January 18: Deadline to pay applicable student fees (e.g. U-Pass, Student Activity)
February 19: Deadline to pay the Co-op Practicum Fee

Refer to Spring 2016 term deadlines and your goSFU account for more information.

8 - 14
February - April

Site Visits

A coordinator will contact you to arrange a site visit to meet with you and your supervisor at your workplace (or via phone/Skype for out-of-town placements).

April 7

Work Term Report and Release Form

Deadline to submit your Work Term Report and Release Form via Canvas.

15 April 15

Online Supervisor Evaluation

Deadline for your supervisor to submit your online evaluation.