After you have completed Bridging Online I (BOL I) and the mandatory All-In-One workshop (or individual resume, cover letter, and interview skills workshops), you should meet with your Coordinator to review your resume and sample cover letter. Your Coordinator will help you make any edits or needed improvements before you start actually applying for jobs.

Once your acceptance into the Science Co-op program is confirmed you will be given authorization to access your personal Co-op account on myExperience.  myExperience is your one-stop-shop to browse, apply and secure Co-op jobs and sign up for co-op related workshops, courses and events. The system manages all job postings,  online applications, interview notification, and interview scheduling.  Check the Jobs and Opportunities section daily since positions are posted frequently and may only be online for a few days.  

If you want to gain a head-start and some experience, it’s a great idea to volunteer.  Why volunteer?         

  • To gain valuable career related experience        
  • To make friends        
  • To improve your self-confidence/esteem        
  • To enhance your life        
  • To learn new skills: technical or personal        
  • To use your skills        
  • To expand your network        
  • To impress future employers & professional schools 

SFU Volunteer Services is a great resource with hundreds of links to active volunteer organizations as well as current volunteer opportunities.

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