Co-op Options

In addition to the regular co-op program, these are other co-op options you may choose to do as well.

International Co-op

There are many fantastic opportunities to work internationally during your Co-op work terms. Since 1993, thousands of SFU students have completed work terms around the globe. Sustainable Engineering Science students have worked in the Silicon Valley and other parts of the United States, and as far away as Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The Sustainable Engineering Science Co-op program works with the International Co-op program to assist students with international placements.

When placed in an international co-op term, students complete the Bridging International Learning course to assist students to prepare for and be successful on an international work term.

There are also subsidies available to assist students in the cost of working out of the country. Please see the International Co-op Financial Assistance page for more details.

Self-Directed Co-op

Most students participate in the job search process organized by the Co-op Office through myExperience. However, students are encouraged to explore job opportunities themselves to develop their network and develop job search skills that will benefit their future career. 

If you are interested in pursuing a self-directed co-op term, speak with a Coordinator to discuss the technical and supervisory requirements as early as possible. Details such as a job description and offer letter will need to be submitted to your Co-op Coordinator before you accept the job in order for the self-directed job to be approved. Please complete the Applying for a Self-Directed Work Term form when submitting your request to your coordinator.

You must ensure you meet all co-op work term requirements in order to receive a passing grade.

Research Co-op

Students have an opportunity to participate in research co-op terms, where they gain experience in an academic, research and/or lab setting at SFU. Ideally, at least two of the three mandatory work semesters should be completed in industry unless a student plans to pursue post-graduate studies. Some research co-op opportunities are posted through myExperience, but you may also network with professors to identify a research co-op opportunity, and bring it to the Co-op office for discussion and approval. Learn more about professors in SEE.


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