Co-op Options

In addition to the regular co-op program, these are co-op options you may choose to do as well.

International Co-op

International Co-op provides you with a unique opportunity to travel the world, while working in your specified field of study. Students who work abroad expand their career prospects by gaining international experiences in the workplace and beyond. Since 1993, thousands of SFU students have completed work terms around the globe. Click here for more information.


Are you a student entrepreneur, changemaker or team ready to commit to your start-up full-time for a semester? eCoop allows you to receive a financial award while working full-time on your very own start-up—complete with dedicated mentorship and space from Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection.

Self-Directed Co-op

This is an opportunity for you to create a Co-op work term with a new employer contact. Through creating your own Self-Directed Work Term, you will develop targeted job search skills. 

Your Self-Directed Work Term must meet the following criteria:

  • 420 hours of paid full time work. This is normally completed within one semester.
  • Supervision. You must be supervised by an employer. The co-op office will want to communicate with your supervisor about your placement and progress. Your supervisor must be available to meet and discuss your learning objectives with you during your work term.
  • New employer contact. A new contact is an employer who has not previously posted a job with the SFU Co-op program. Check with your Co-op coordinator to see if this is a new opportunity.

Review These Requirements to Get Started: