Aims and Scope 

Cosmos + Taxis takes its name and inspiration from the Greek terms that F. A. Hayek famously invoked to connote the distinction between spontaneous orders and consciously planned orders. 

Cosmos + Taxis publishes papers on complexity broadly conceived in a manner that is accessible to a general multidisciplinary audience with particular emphasis on political economy and philosophy.

Cosmos + Taxis publishes a wide range of content: refereed articles, unrefereed though moderated discussion articles, literature surveys and reviews in accordance with the Creative Commons initiative. 

Cosmos + Taxis invites submissions on a wide range of topics concerned with the dilemma of upholding ethical norms while also being mindful of unintended consequences.  

Cosmos + Taxis is not committed to any particular school of thought and is certainly not a talking shop for ideologues of any stripe.