Welcome to the Centre for Research in Adaptive Behaviour in Economics

Affiliated with the Department of Economics at Simon Fraser University


  • Develop behavioural models of learning and adaptation in the areas of game theory, mechanism design, organisation theory, macroeconomics, labour economics and finance.
  • Conduct research in behavioural economics and related programmes.
  • Develop courses in the area of behavioural economics for training of MA and PhD students.
  • Raise funding to attract doctoral and postdoctoral students interested in doing research in the area of behavioural economics.
  • Serve as an auxiliary resource for other programmes in the University, e.g. the Master’s in Public Policy.
  • Co-ordinate and host conferences and publish conference proceedings.
  • Organise workshops and invite and host visiting speakers, scholars and researchers.
  • Develop software for the conduct of experiments with human subjects in various economic environments.
  • Develop commercial software for testing economic models under various behavioural assumptions, using both experiments with human subjects and computer simulations.

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Centre for Research in Adaptive Bahaviour in Economics
Department of Economics
Simon Fraser University
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