Web Design

How the Creative Studio web design team can help you

The Creative Studio web design team can provide you with websites, customized content management systems, and web-based applications to support your teaching and learning and promotional initiatives. We employ current, standards-based practices incorporating the latest technologies – including social media – to create web solutions that are effective and easy to maintain. Our web team has been recognized by organizations such as the University and College Designers Association, Applied Arts magazine, and UNESCO. See the full list of our awards or take a look at our award-winning projects:


  • Setup and customization of content management systems
  • Development of interactive websites
  • Design and development of JavaScript, Flash, and iOS applications
  • Creation of interactive and custom web-based applications (e.g., searchable databases, blogs, calendars, registration systems)


Kirsten Johnson
Senior Designer (Web)
778.782.9303 | kjohnson@sfu.ca