MA in Applied Legal Studies Program

The Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies program is primarily for students intending to practice as Notaries Public in the Province of British Columbia. It may also be of interest to existing Notaries who wish to obtain a graduate degree focused upon their area of professional practice.  Completion of the degree is a prerequisite for membership in the Society of Notaries Public. At this time, the program is of limited value to those who do not want, or do not already have, a career as a Notary.

Further Details

The degree - a Master of Arts (MA) - is granted upon the successful completion of the required number of courses and a final examination. In the case of aspiring Notaries, the degree will prepare students for admission to practice, subject to further requirements prescribed by the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia, and by provincial legislation.

The number of individuals entering practice in British Columbia is ultimately governed by the Society of Notaries Public. Conferral of the degree is no guarantee of a position in the Society’s post degree professional training programs or in professional practice.

If you are interested in becoming a Notary Public the starting point is with the Society of Notaries Public, not with Simon Fraser University.

The Society has a website ( that sets out everything you would ever want to know about becoming a Notary, as well as being a Notary, and includes the steps to follow if you wish to pursue a career in the profession. Once you have applied to become a Notary, and you have completed the rigorous screening process, you will be invited to apply for admission to the Applied Legal Studies Program.