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Executive Committee

Director (Acting)

Bryan Kinney, BA (UBC), MA, PhD (SFU)


Saywell Hall 10134

Associate Director: 
Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Gail Anderson


Saywell Hall 10320


Associate Director: Graduate Programs (Acting)

Dr. Bill Glackman


Saywell Hall 10223


Manager, Academic and Administrative Services (Acting)

Tracey Anbinder


Saywell Hall 10136

Associate Director:

Dr. Jennifer Wong


Saywell Hall 10324


Anderson, Gail. S.; BSc (Manchester), M.P.M., PhD (SFU); Professor

Forensic science; Use of science in criminal justice; forensic, medical and veterinary entomology; poaching/wildlife trade.

Phone: 778-782-3589        
E-mail: ganderso@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10320
Personal Website: www.sfu.ca/~ganderso

Andresen, Martin A.; BA, MA (SFU), PhD (UBC); Professor; Director, Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies

Spatial crime analysis, crime and place, geography of crime, environmental criminology,
applied spatial statistics and geographical information analysis.

Phone: 778-782-7628
Email: andresen@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10207                        
Personal Website: www.sfu.ca/~andresen/
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Beauregard, Eric; BSc, MSc, PhD (Montreal); Professor

Decision-making; Offending process; Modus Operandi; Situational approach to crime; Sex offending; Homicide; Criminal profiling; Psychology of criminal investigation; Clinical criminology; Typologies.

Phone: 778-782-8134
E-mail: ebeaureg@sfu.ca                    

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10219         

Bell, Lynne; BSc (Hons), Univ of Bradford. MSc, PhD (Univ. College, UK); Professor

Preservation of biological signatures; characterization of microstructural arrangement of post mortem alteration; the relationship between microstructure, isotopic signatures and mapping human movement; and methodological development to extract isotopic and trace element information stored within the skeletal tissues.

Phone: 778-782-7240
E-mail: lynneb@sfu.ca                    

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10225 

Bouchard, Martin; BSc, MSc, PhD (Montreal); Professor 

Social networks and crime, social and criminal capital theory, criminal achievement, criminal careers, gangs, the organization of illegal markets.

Phone: 778-782-8135
Email: mbouchard@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10316       Personal Website:  mbcriminology.com


Boyd, Neil T.; BA (WOnt), LLB, LLM (York); Professor

Critical analysis of Canadian criminal law; homicide; Canadian narcotics legislation; the legal control of pornography; workplace violence; biology of male and female violence.

Phone: 778-782-3324
Email: nboyd@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10203        Personal Website: www.neilboyd.net


Brockman, Joan; BA (Sask), MA (Alta), LLB (Calgary), LLM (UBC); Professor

The sociology of professions; Corporate financial crimes and misconduct; White collar crime; The use of social science research evidence in court; Women in the professions; Feminist jurisprudence, methodology, and perspectives; Criminal law, procedure and evidence; Wrongful convictions.

Phone: 778-782-4036
Email: brockman@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10229        Personal Website: www.sfu.ca/~brockman

Cartwright, Barry; BA (SFU), MA (UBC), PhD (SFU); Senior Lecturer

Criminological theory; sociology of deviance; school violence; qualitative research methods; cyber-research.

Phone: 778-782-5524
Email: bcartwri@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10318

Corrado, Raymond R.; BA (Mich. State), MA, PhD (Northwestern); Professor

Youth violence; comparative juvenile justice; terrorism; mental health and crime; victimization; evaluation research; political crime.

Phone: 778-782-3629
Email: corrado@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10310

Davies, Garth; BA, MA (SFU), PhD (Rutgers); Associate Professor

Terrorism; communities and crime; housing and crime; policing; criminological theory; statistical analyses and research methods.

Phone: 778-782-4764
Email: garthd@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10328

Fabian, Sheri; PhD, MA, Extended Studies Diploma (SFU), BA (UBC); University Lecturer; Director, Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD)

Criminal harassment; intimate partner violence, research methods, policy analysis, academic dishonesty.

Phone: 778-782-8136
Email: sfabian@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10330

Frank, Richard; BMath (Waterloo), PhD - Computer Science (SFU),
PhD - Criminology (SFU); Assistant Professor; Director, International CyberCrime Research Centre (ICCRC)

Cybercrime; hackers' and extremists' use of the internet; data-mining and classification; computational criminology; environmental criminology.

Phone: 778-782-4158
Email: rfrank@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10211

Glackman, William; BA (Calif), MA, PhD (SFU); Associate Professor; Associate Director, Graduate Programs (Acting)

Research methodology; program evaluation; multivariate statistical techniques; forensic psychology; deinstitutionalization; sex offender treatment; public perceptions of crime.

Phone: 778-782-4041/4127
Email: glackman@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10223

Gordon, Robert M.; BA (La Trobe), MA (SFU), PhD (UBC); Professor

Economic and corporate crime and corporate regulation, including crimes against the environment; young offenders, youth justice and youth gangs; health law, including mental health law; adult guardianship and adult protection law, including the law relating to public guardians and trustees; abuse and neglect of the elderly; restorative justice.

Phone: 778-782-9739
Email: rgordon@sfu.ca

Surrey Office: SUR 5170

Greer, Alissa M.; BA (UVic), MPH (UToronto); Instructor

Drug policy; critical criminology and structural analyses of social ‘problems’; police-community relations; mental health; community-based research; participatory methods; qualitative research methods; precarious work and workers’ rights; prison health.                           

Phone: 778-782-4041
Email: alissa_greer@sfu.ca

                                                     Burnaby office: Saywell Hall 10314


Griffiths, Curt T.; BA, MA, PhD (Montana); Professor

Comparative criminal justice process and decision making; comparative criminal justice; legal reform and community capacity-building; the design and delivery of effective development assistance initiatives; policing, including strategies for resource allocation and deployment; corrections, including the formulation and application of corrections policy and the effectiveness of correctional interventions.

Phone: 778-782-8418
Email: griffith@sfu.ca       

Surrey Office: SUR 5160



Helmus, L. Maaike; BA, MA, PhD (Carleton); Assistant Professor

Offender risk assessment; sex offenders; statistics; prediction; recidivism; Indigenous offenders; meta-analysis.

Phone: 778-782-9943
Email: maaike_helmus@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10322            

Kinney, J. Bryan; BA (UBC), MA, PhD (SFU); Associate Professor; Asst. Director, Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS); Director (Acting)

Environmental Criminology Theory, Geography of Crime, Police Studies, Crime Prevention and Crime Reduction, Quantitative Research Methods, Court Sentencing Patterns, Historical Criminology.

Phone: 778-782-3892
Email: bkinney@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10205

Love, Helene; BSc (Victoria), JD, LLM (UBC); SJD (Toronto); Limited Term Lecturer

The law of evidence; criminal law; law and ageing.

Phone: 778-782-6749
Email: helene_love@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10201      

Lysova, Alexandra (Sasha); MA, C.Sc., D.Sc. (Russia), PhD (Toronto); Assistant Professor

Violent crime; intimate partner violence; female victims and offenders; male victims of partner violence; homicide; cross-cultural studies of crime; criminological theory.

Phone: 778-782-3018
Email: alysova@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10213

MacAlister, David; BA (SFU), J.D. (UBC), MA (SFU), LL.M. (Queen's); Associate Professor

Criminal Law; criminal procedure and evidence; civil liberties and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; sentencing; policing and police powers; criminal justice accountability; wrongful conviction; legal responses to terrorism; philosophy of law; legal aspects of youth justice.

Phone: 778-782-4305
Email: dmacalis@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10134                                                          

McCuish, Evan; MA, PhD (SFU); Assistant Professor

Criminal careers; desistance;developmental criminology; life course criminology; psychopathy; sexual offending; violence; young offenders.

Phone: 778-782-4549
Email: evan_mccuish@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10215

Morrison, Brenda; BA (UBC), PhD (Australian National); Associate Professor

Social regulation; civil society; self-interest and interdependence; compliance and deviance; reason, emotion and behavior; restorative justice, particularly in the context of schools and education.

Phone: 778-782-7627
Email: brendam@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10217

Murdoch, Danielle; BA (SFU), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (SFU); Lecturer

Corrections policy and practice; comparative corrections; prisons and incarceration; research methods; prisoner release and reintegration.

Phone: 778-782-4205
Email: dmurdoch@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10221

O'Doherty, Tamara C.; BA (UFV), JD (UBC), MA (SFU), PhD (SFU); Lecturer

Critical legal studies, criminal law, human rights and civil liberties, victimization and commercial sex, gender and law, mixed methods and legal analysis, evidentiary issues in criminal law, criminalization of immigration, human trafficking, and social policy analysis.

Phone: 778-782-3185
Email: tco@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10332 

Palys, Ted S.; BA, MA (Manitoba), PhD (Car); Professor

Research methods and methodology, sociology of science; aboriginal/indigenous justice and self-determination; sociology of international law; research ethics; research confidentiality and privilege.

Phone: 778-782-4037
Email: palys@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10334            Personal Website: www.sfu.ca/~palys/

Parent, Rick; BA, MA, PhD (SFU); Associate Professor

Policing; police accountability and ethics; crisis negotiations; recruiting and training;
strategic community based-policing; international peace keeping; the police use of deadly force.

Phone: 778-782-8421
Email: rparent@sfu.ca

Surrey Office: SUR 5161           Personal Website: www.rickparent.ca

Rowan, Zachary; BA, MA, PHD (UMD); Assistant Professor

Peer influence; Co-offending; Group behavior; Life-course and developmental criminology; Intervention evaluation.

Phone: 778-782-6656
Email: zrowan@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10325     

Simpson, Rylan; BA (UBC), MA, PhD (UCI); Assistant Professor

Policing; perceptions of police; police organizations; legitimacy; experimental criminology; theories of crime; social psychology.

Phone: 778-782-7081
Email: rylan_simpson@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10205           Personal Website: www.rylansimpson.com

Wiley, Stephanie A.; BA (W. Oregon), MS (Portland State), PhD (Univ. Missouri - St. Louis); Assistant Professor

Juvenile delinquency, quantitative methods, developmental criminology, consequences of police contact & sanctions, racial & socioeconomic inequality, police-community relations.

Phone: 778-782-4038
Email: swiley@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10209

Wong, Jennifer S.; BA (UBC), MA (Calif), MPhil, PhD (RAND); Associate Professor; Associate Director, Research

Policy analysis, program evaluation, quantitative research methods, cost-benefit analysis, meta-analysis and systematic review, crime prevention/reduction, youth crime and violence, risk factors and predictors of antisocial behaviour/crime, recidivism.

Phone: 778-782-8148
Email: jenwong@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10324



Chopin, Julien; PhD (UNIL), LLM (UNIL); Research Associate

The management of the links between sex crimes of predations.






Brantingham, Patricia; AB (Col),MA (Fordham), MSP, PhD (Florida State); Professor Emeritus

Computational criminology; pattern theory; environmental criminology; crime prevention through environmental design; criminal justice planning; policy evaluations.

Phone: 778-782-3515
Email: pbrantin@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: ICURS Lab; SWH 10111.1

Brantingham, Paul J.; AB, JD (Col), DipCriminol (Cantab); Professor Emeritus

Computational criminology; environmental criminology; ecology of crime; crime analysis; historical criminology; comparative criminal justice; legal aid and related matters.

Phone: 778-782-4175
Email: branting@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10112

Burtch, Brian; BA (Queens), MA (Tor), PhD (UBC); Professor Emeritus

Criminological theory; prisons; sociology of law; critical criminology; gender and law; midwifery, and family law; mature students' access to post-secondary education.

Email: burtch@sfu.ca

Personal Website:  www.sfu.ca/personal/burtch/

Fattah, Ezzat A.; LL.L (Cairo), MA, PhD (Montr), FRSC, Dhc (Liege); Professor Emeritus

Theoretical and comparative criminology; crime and social change/social development; integrative theories/models in criminology; theoretical and applied victimology; theories of victimization (and of target selection); fear of crime/fear of victimization; crime and victimization of the elderly; restorative justice; mediation; criminal law reform; criminal policy; punishment and deterrence; death penalty.

Email: fattah@sfu.ca

Jackson, Margaret A.; BA (Calif), MA, PhD (Tor); Professor Emerita

Criminal justice policy analysis; violence against women and children; judicial attitudes, sentencing behaviour and risk assessment.

Phone: 778-782-4040
Email: margarej@sfu.ca

Burnaby Office: Saywell Hall 10227

Lowman, John; BA (Sheff), MA (York), PhD (UBC); Professor Emeritus

Critical criminology; prostitution; prostitution law; sociology of punishment; research confidentiality;assisted suicide.

Phone: 778-782-3185
Email: lowman@sfu.ca

Personal Website: users.uniserve.com/~lowman

Verdun-Jones, Simon N.; BA, MA (Cambridge), LLM, JSD (Yale); Professor

Criminal law; procedure and evidence; Canadian and international mental health law and policy; criminal law reform; comparative criminal law and procedure; mentally disordered offenders; Canadian criminal justice system; criminal justice history; victims' rights; family violence and the law; plea bargaining; sexual abuse of children and the law; mental disorder defence, fitness to stand trial; international perspectives on criminal justice; sentencing; expert testimony; violence and aggression in mental health facilities; long-term and dangerous offenders; risk assessment and risk management; psychopathy and the criminal justice system; international criminal justice and the International Criminal Court.

Phone: 778-782-3032
                                                                                        Email: verdunj@sfu.ca


In Memoriam

Elliott, Liz; BPE (Ottawa), MSW (Carleton), PhD (SFU); Associate Professor

Restorative/transformative justice; social philosophy of punishment and abolitionism; critical analysis of the prison; fear of crime; prison writing; prison ethnography; prison education; criminological theory.

Faith, Karlene; BA, PhD (Calif); Professor Emerita 

Feminist theory; gender/race/class relations and crime; media imagery of criminalized women; philosophical/historical criminology; women's prisons; witch-hunts; social justice; political prisoners; prisoner auto/biographies; prison abolition.