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Tamara O’Doherty takes a community-based approach to research and teaching

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Criminology lecturer Tamara O’Doherty challenges the institution of law by observing what’s not functional or fair in its application, especially among marginalized peoples, and seeking to improve it.


Danielle Murdoch returns to place that kindled her passion for criminology

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Criminology lecturer Danielle Murdoch describes joining SFU’s School of Criminology as “coming around full circle” to the place and people that helped kindle her passion for research and teaching. Murdoch started in September 2016 after working two years at Boise State University (BSU) as an assistant professor in criminal justice.

Evan McCuish has a strong background in research collaboration

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The School of Criminology’s newest faculty recruit, Assistant Professor Evan McCuish, joins the School with a strong background in research collaboration. McCuish started out as an undergraduate student in the School inputting data for Professor Raymond Corrado’s established Incarcerated Serious and Violent Young Offenders Study.  

Sheri Fabian receives SFU's highest honour for teaching

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Creating empowering classroom environments for students that celebrate diversity, accessibility and inclusivity is at the forefront of Criminology Senior Lecturer Sheri Fabian’s teaching philosophy. It’s also the core reason she received recognition for her efforts with SFU’s highest honour for teaching: the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award.

Gail Anderson recognized internationally for achievements as forensic entomologist

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Congratulations to Professor Gail Anderson for receiving the Award for Achievement in Forensic Life Sciences (Biology), presented by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), Pathology/Biology Section at its 2017 annual meeting in New Orleans, La.