Post Baccalaureate Diploma

A Post Baccalaureate Diploma (”post bac” or PBD) is a program designed for those who already have undergraduate degrees or the equivalent. It is not a master’s degree, but it is more advanced than a Bachelor’s degree. Totaling 30 units, this PBD program combines SCD theory and guided practice, plus 300- and 400-level electives from many disciplines. Four Core courses (SCD/REM 301, SCD/REM 401, SCD/REM 403, SCD/REM 404) plus four to five pre-approved elective courses permit students to shape their program to their own interests. This program includes a required, student-designed practicum (SCD/REM 404) in a community organization. This program is an excellent fit for those who are making a major change of field in later life, or who have previously obtained a highly specialized Bachelor’s degree in a different discipline. For recent graduates, who already have the breadth of knowledge equivalent to this program’s extensive elective course requirements, the shorter SCD Certificate program is recommended.

SCD Students and Professionals work on projects like these:

  • A well-run community theatre or museum that is a valued part of the local economy
  • Fair trade with developing countries
  • A car sharing co-operative that combines public and private transportation, and pays dividends, too
  • A local currency that encourages community trading
  • A community-owned, selectively-logged, sustainable forest
  • Organic farmers’ markets in the heart of the city
  • Aboriginal communities building their economies based on traditional values and ways
  • A tourism industry that pays and houses youth well
  • An ecologically-managed organic beef ranch
  • A built community that takes care of its own energy generation and waste

For more information on the Projects, you can visit here.

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