Publications of the Centre for Sustainable Development seek to support and enable the sustainable development of communities in B.C., Canada, and internationally. The lessons from our research, education and community mobilization activities are disseminated through a variety of channels, including books, academic journal articles, papers, reports, student projects and the media.


Food Sovereignty in Canada: Creating Just and Sustainable Food Systems

by Fernwood Publishing 

Food Sovereignty in Canada explores how communities all over the country are actively engaged in implementing alternative agricul- tural and food models within the framework of food sovereignty — taking control over food- producing resources, markets and agricultural policy.

Food Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community

Food Sovereignty, the internationally focused volume advocates a practical, radical change to the way much of our food system currently operates, this book argues that food sovereignty is the means to achieving a system that will provide for the food needs of all people while respecting the principles of environmental sustainability, local empowerment and agrarian citizenship.

State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future

CSD Director Mark Roseland, with CSD researcher Lena Soots, contributed the chapter on “Strengthening Local Economies” to the Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World 2007: Our Urban Future. January 2007

Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizens and Their Governments

by Mark Roseland

Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia

by Sean Markey, John Pierce, Kelly Vodden and Mark Roseland


Charting a Course: Sustainable Water Use by Canada's Natural Resource Sectors

More than a year of research and convening across Canada with top water experts and watershed managers culminates in our call for a fresh approach to managing water use by Canada’s natural resource sectors – the country’s biggest water users.

Food System Assessment for the City of Vancouver

by Christiana Miewald, Herb Barbolet, Vijay Cuddeford, Fern Jeffries, Holy Korstad, Susan Kurbis, Sandra Mark, Frank Moreland (2005)

The Learning City: Urban Sustainability Education and Building Toward World Urban Forum Legacy

by Meg Holden, PhD and Sean Connelly, MA

Discussion Paper in preparation for the 2006 World Urban Forum on Sustainability.