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Canada Ocean Lectures (2006 - present)

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Initiated in 2007, the Canada Ocean Lecture series is a joint initiative between the Shorefast Foundationand Simon Fraser University and other partners. The aim of the series is to create awareness of Canada's vast marine environment and its importance to Canadians. Lectures to date have been held on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and in central Canada.

Sponsors to date include:

  • Simon Fraser University
    • cGrasp (Consortium for Genomic Research of all Salmonids Project)
    • Ting Series on Understanding Climate Change
    • Centre for Coastal Studies
  • Ocean Management Research Network
    • Linking Science with Local Knowledge Working Group
    • Secretariat
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Parks Canada
  • Genome BC
  • Oceans and Marine Fisheries Branch, BC Ministry of Environment
  • Province of Newfoundland
  • Shorefast Foundation
  • Royal Canadian Geographical Society
  • Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Sciences Centre
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

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January 30, 2014
Global Warming 56 Million Years Ago & What it Means for Us, Presented by Dr. Scott Wing, Smithsonian Institute

February 6, 2014
Global Biodiversity and Climate: What Fossil Insects Tell Us, Presented by Dr. Bruce Archibald, Simon Fraser University

February 13, 2014
A Long View of Fire, Climate, and People: Perspectives From the Paleoecological Record, Presented by Dr. Cathy Whitlock, Montana State University

February 20, 2014
The Human Footprint in the Pacific Northwest: From the Deep Past to the Present, Presented by Dr. Rolf Mathewes, Simon Fraser University

February 27, 2014
Magnitude 9 - How We Learned that the Largest Earthquakes on Earth Happen on Our Coast, Presented by Dr. John Clague, Simon Fraser University

March 6, 2014
What if Extinction is NOT Forever? A Molecular Paleontologist's View of De-Extinction, Presented by Dr. Beth Shapiro, University of California, Santa Cruz

March 13, 2014
Maintaining Humanity's Life Support Systems in the 21st Century, Presented by Dr. Anthony Barnosky, University of California, Berkeley

Speaking for the Salmon
Centre for Coastal Studies