From Catherine Dauvergne | COVID-19 – Proof of vaccination and considering mandatory vaccination for faculty and staff

October 07, 2021

This email is sent on behalf of Catherine Dauvergne, vice-president academic and provost. It has been sent to all students, faculty and staff.

Earlier this week, the B.C. government announced mandatory vaccination for public service employees, and made it possible for post-secondary institutions to consider doing the same. While we determine if mandating vaccination for faculty and staff is right for SFU, we must stay focused on the safety of our entire community.

To support this, I am announcing today that in addition to declaring your vaccination status, everyone must also upload proof of vaccination. We are designing new options for those who do not want to provide proof through the digital platform, so that every member of our community has a way to declare that meets their needs and protects their privacy. We will simultaneously launch an audit of submissions to ensure accuracy.

Through the mandatory self-declaration process we will have accurate and more complete data about the current vaccination rates of our community. The process allows us reach individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated and support them to get vaccinated. Reaching the highest possible rate of vaccination is our goal, and I believe an individual, supportive approach will get us there. We are closely monitoring our progress and will consider whether making vaccination mandatory for faculty and staff is required. We will make that determination based on our data, and will move forward, if required, once we have more information.

I have included additional updates on specific topics related to our return to campus below. Thank you for your support in ensuring a safe campus community for everyone.  


Dr. Catherine Dauvergne, QC
Vice-President, Academic and Provost
Simon Fraser University

COVID-19 rapid screening now available on all campuses

Rapid Screening was launched on September 28. Screening is available to those who declared they are not vaccinated or chose not to declare their status in their Vaccine Declaration and do not have symptoms of COVID-19. Visit the Rapid Screening page to learn more.

Ventilation assessments are complete

We have now transitioned to regular operations and maintenance of our ventilation systems. Last month we were awarded two Clean Air Awards by the National Air Filtration Association for our work to create clean and healthy indoor work environments.

Hybrid work trial

The Hybrid Work working group has created a toolkit and made it available to supervisors interested in trying hybrid work with their teams and in providing feedback on the toolkit. Formal guidelines will be released in 2022. Contact your HR Strategic Business Partner for more information.


We’ve had to both enhance and stretch the limits of technology to support the transition. We’ve upgraded and doubled WiFi access points as well as expanded AV and lecture capture capabilities. There is still more work to do, we are addressing Zoom performance issues and will continue to expand WiFi and AV services and review lecture capture capabilities to align with the growing needs of the community.

Spring Term planning

We will continue to offer every student an opportunity for an on-campus experience. Academic leaders are meeting to discuss plans to make 80% or more of instruction available in-person this spring. More information has been shared with Deans, Chairs and Directors.  

Mental health and wellness resources

It is important that we continue to take of ourselves and others during this transition. If you or someone you know needs support, access the wellness and mental health and resources available.