Data Science is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program at SFU involving coursework in four different areas: Statistics, Computing Science, Mathematics, and Business. The program was designed in light of consultations with industry, analysis of employment trends, and faculty research in upcoming data technologies. The result is an applied, skills-based program that gives students the tools and abilities they need to gain employment and be successful in the area of Data Science.

Please see the About Data Science page for a description of the field of Data Science and of SFU's DATA program.

How to Apply:

Students formally apply to be admitted into the program. Applications can be considered both for students entering SFU and for students already enrolled. Admission into the program is decided on a competitive basis. Students must maintain a 2.7 CGPA in DATA program coursework to remain in the program and to graduate. It is strongly recommended that students contact the Data Science Advisor ( or Program Director Dave Campbell ( early about admission and scheduling.