Past Award Recipients

2017 Winner

Chinese Medicine as Hermeneutic Knowledge? On the Nature of Knowledge of Chinese and Modern Medicine by Maggie Tsang

2016 Winner

Proximities from Whiteness: Negotiating White Privilege and Racialized Citizenship in Velma Demerson’s Incorrigible by Tina Kong

2015 Winner

Increasing ELL Parental Involvement in School Communities: Recognizing Varying Perspectives and Removing Barriers by Lisa Olding

2012 Winner

The Mourning and Burial Rites in Ancient China: A Grief Process by Dorothy Dittrich

2010 Winners

  1. Nourishing Life, The Daoist Concept of Virtue:
    Its Applicability to Education by Tom Culham
  2. Negotiating legitimate participation in university:
    Multicultural students and stigmas by Jennifer Walsh Marr

2009 Winner

Visible minorities' educational choices in Canada by Corneliu Bolbocean

2008 Winner

Multiple Modes of Biculturalism: Antecedents and Outcomes by Stacey Fitzsimmons

2007 Winner

Immigrant Effect in Melting Pot and Multicultural Societies: A Comparison Between The US and Canada by Majid Ghorbani

2006 Winner

Tensions and Dilemmas Faced by Canadian and Chinese Immigrant Students in Canadian Schools by Paul Yeung