Persons with significant academic, literary, or artistic qualifications whose work may benefit from a residency at the DLC may apply for this non-stipendiary status. The position provides University affiliation, use of the University Library, office space, and membership in facilities. Residents are required to participate in Centre activities by attending lectures, workshops, and colloquia, and presenting and publishing original research. The residency requires affiliation with a SFU faculty mentor. To find an SFU faculty member please consult the Directory of Asia-Related Research at SFU.

Appointments are for a maximum of one year, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year. Applicants should submit a letter of application, a current CV, a research proposal, and a letter of support from a SFU faculty member to

Melissa Karmen Lee

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Melissa is doing her research on the concepts of temporary migrations and home in the Chinese Diaspora. She looks at how home (often viewed as a stable unchanging fixed point) is altered due to temporary migrations and short sojourns. Most diaspora research is focused on thoughts and impressions of the new country. Her particular research is on how diasporans think of their home country, and how their original native citizenship and homeland are re-evaluated once they leave.

Primary SFU faculty contact: Paul Crowe, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities

Qiu Gaoxing [邱高兴]

College of Humanities, China Jiliang University

Qiu's project aims to study the biographical material of Buddhist figures living in the eastern area of Zhejiang (from Shaoxing to Xinchang) based on the historical and cultural background of the so-called “Tang poetry road.” His research goals are to establish the database of those Buddhist figures by means of visualizing and digitalizing text materials; to construct the relationship network of people, thoughts and society with the assistance of social network software; and to connect people and events with historical geographic information and create a visual map using the visualization software.

Primary SFU faculty contact: Paul Crowe, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities

Anthony Y.H. Fung [馮應謙]

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Anthony's current research is on youth culture and consumption of popular culture in Hong Kong and China. His research interests include political economy of media, culture and communication; Hong Kong cultural identity; popular culture and cultural studies; identity studies on youth and gender; and new media and public sphere.

Primary SFU faculty member contact: Shuyu Kong, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities