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Japan as a Network Society
By Dr. Shumpei Kumon
October 17, 1989 


Cross-Cultural Issues in Managing the Organization: The Case of Hong Kong
By Dr. Michael Harris Bond
January 30, 1990 

Networking and Business in Southeast Asia
By Dr. Graeme McDonald
March 15, 1990

Networking in Japan: The Case of Keiretsu
By Dr. Richard W. Wright
April 12, 1990

Globalization and Human Resource Management: Strategic International Human Resource Development
Dr. Nancy J. Adler
April 20, 1990

Media and PR in Japan
By Andrew Horvat
June 28, 1990

Strategies for Canadians at a Time of Strained U.S.-Japan Ties
By Andrew Horvat
September 25, 1990

Business Negotiations with the Koreans: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
By Dr. Rosalie Tung
October 26, 1990

Communicating to Asia-Pacific Consumers: A Five-Country Cross-Cultural Comparison
By Dr. David Tse
November 13, 1990


Investor Relations in Japan: How to Communicate to Japanese Investors
By Kirk Patterson
February 8, 1991

China's Future and Prospects
By Earl Drake
February 28, 1991

Negotiating and Building Effective Working Relationships with People in China
By Sidney Rittenberg
March 21, 1991 

Government and Business Relations in Indonesia
By Professor Earl Drake
April 30, 1991

Culture and Communication Patterns in Korean Firms
By Professor Richard Steers
September 19, 1991 

When will the Japanese Slow Down?
By Professor Ronald Dore
November 22, 1991 

Offering Canadian Property and Immigration-Linked Investments in Hong Kong: Legal, Practical, and Cross-Cultural Aspects
By Rick Gossen
November 26, 1991


Taiwan Management Communication Practices: Past, Present, and Future
By Professor Ryh-Song Yeh
January 23, 1992 

Negotiations with the Pacific Rim: Cross-cultural Challenges and Strategies
By Professor Stephen Weiss
February 19, 1992

Cross-Cultural Face-Negotiation: An Analytical Overview
By Professor Stella Ting-Toomey
April 15, 1992

Business Dynamics in Southeast Asia: Political Change in Vietnam and the Opening of New Opportunities for Trade and Investment
By Dr. Phillip D. Grub
September 17, 1992


Competition and Cooperation: Enterprise Networking in Japan
By Dr. Mark Fruin
March 11, 1993

Cross-cultural Communication with Socialist-Educated Managers: 'Ii'aining Managers in China and Eastern Europe
By Professor Stefan H. Robock
September 22, 1993 

An Insider's Guide to Business in China: A Second Look
By Sidney Rittenberg
October 28, 1993

Fujitsu and Cross-cultural Negotiations
By Larry R. Cross
December 2, 1993


Cultural Understanding as Managerial Skill: Japan, North America, and Europe
By Professor Johny K. Johansson
February 16, 1994 

Canadian Business Alliances in Pacific Asia and the Role of Communication
By Professor C.L. Hung
March 16, 1994 

Trading with Japan: The Link Between Language Competence and Business Competence
By Andrew Horvat
August 2, 1994

Communicating Across the Pacific: A European's View
By Professor Geert Hofstede
October 7, 1994

The Role of Assumptions in Intercultural Research and Consulting: Examining the Interplay of Culture and Conflict at Work
By Dr. Gillian P.S. Khoo
November 10, 1994 

Mandarins and Markets: Government Intervention in East Asian Markets, and What it Means for Canadian Investors
By Andrew Horvat
November 14, 1994


We are All Ethnocentric-Origins, Features, Results and Treatments for a Necessary Human Condition
By Professor Michael Harris Bond
February 2, 1995

Cultural Influences on Attributions: A Comparison of Korean and American Managers
By Professor Sang H. Nam
March 23, 1995

Diversity: Corporate Canada from an International Perspective
By Dr. Neil McDonald
September 13, 1995

Will Shanghai Re-emerge as an International Financial Market? Sino-Foreign Strains on the Bund
By Andrew Horvat
October 23, 1995

Issues of Multiculturalism in Canadian Workplaces
By Dr. Gail Cook Johnson
December 5, 1995


Socializing Asian Managers into North American Firms: Fit or Misfit
By Dr. Cherry Granrose
February 15, 1996

Cultural Group Relations in Plural Societies
By Professor John Berry
March 25, 1996 

Environment Creating Corporations
By Professor Dong-Sung Cho
September 24, 1996 

China's 9th Five-Year Plan and Implications for Canadian Business
By Henry Wei Yao
October 24, 1996

Managing Diversity for International Competitiveness
By Professor Rosalie Tung
December 5, 1996


Leveraging Technology for Strategic Advantage in China's Emerging Market Economy
By Dr. Denis Fred Simon
January 9, 1997 

The Japanese Language: Bridge or Barrier?
By Andrew Horvat
March 27, 1997

Competency to Manage Diversity
By Dr. Taylor Cox Jr.
April 17, 1997

Hong Kong: Our Role in the Frontiers of International Trade
By Alan Lai
September 3, 1997

The Human Face of Japanese Capitalism
By Andrew Horvat
November 4, 1997


Attitudes and Experience of Expatriates on International Assignments
By Professor Rosalie Tung
January 22, 1998

Hong Kong: 7 Months After the Handover
By Donald Tong
February 24, 1998