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John Alderete | Professor | Department of Linguistics
PhD (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Research Interests: Theoretical phonology and morphology, Optimality Theory, computational learning algorithms, neural networks, speech errors, language production; Cantonese, Austronesian, Athabaskan, Tahltan

Curriculum Vitae (January 2019)

Leslie ArmijoLimited Term Assistant Professor | School for International Studies
PhD (University of California, Berkeley)
India, China
Research Interests: Emerging Powers, especially the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Politics of Money/Finance, Democracy & Markets, Comparative & International Public Policy (regional cooperation, climate, migration, infrastructure)

Curriculum Vitae (January 2019)

Jeremy Brown | Associate Professor | Department of History
PhD (University of California, San Diego)
Research Interests: Modern China

Habib Chaudhury| Professor | Department of Gerontology
PhD (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Hong Kong
Research Interests: Aging and Built Environment; Design for Dementia; Personhood and Dementia; Design for Active Living; Design in Acute Care Environment

Curriculum Vitae (January 2018)

Luke Clossey | Associate Professor | Department of History
PhD (Berkeley)
Research Interests: Global Comparative, Early modern world

Paul Crowe | Associate Professor | Department of Humanities
China, Japan, India
Research Interests: Chinese culture and intellectual history from tenth to thirteenth century texts concerning inner alchemy in China

Andrea Geiger | Associate Professor | Department of History
PhD (Washington)
Asia Pacific, Japan
Research Interests: Trans-Pacific & borderlands history, race, contact relations, migration, legal history

Bascom Guffin| Lecturer | Department of Sociology & Anthropology
PhD (California, Davis)
Research Interests: human senses, urban religious practices, and the role of technology in everyday life

Curriculum Vitae (January 2018)

Weiting Guo| Limited Term Assistant Professor | Department of History
Taiwan, China
Research Interests: law and violence, local politics, and crime and punishment in Taiwan and late imperial China

Curriculum Vitae (November 2017)

Huamei Han | Associate Professor | Faculty of Education
PhD (University of Toronto)
Research Interests: language learning, multilingualism, and socioeconomic inclusion of linguistically marginalized individuals and groups in globalization

John Harriss | Professor | School for International Studies
PhD (East Anglia)
India, South Asia
Research Interests: Political economy of development; Indian politics; political participation and civil society in India; social policy in India and other ‘emerging economies’; institutional theories; agrarian change (especially in South India)

Nicole Jackson | Associate Professor | School for International Studies
PhD (London School of Economics)
Russia, Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)
Research Interests: security management in Central Asia; authoritarianism in Central Asia

Dal Yong Jin | Professor | School of Communication
PhD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Korea, Asia
Research Interests: globalization and media, transnational cultural studies, cultural industries and policies; Korean cinema; digital games and social media platforms, political economy of media and culture, science journalism/communication

Curriculum Vitae (January 2019)

Tsuyoshi Kawasaki | Associate Professor | Department of Political Science
PhD (Princeton University)
Asia, Japan
Research interests: International Relations; Comparative Politics

Christine Kim | Associate Professor | Department of English
PhD (York)
Asia, Korea
Research Interests: Asian North American literature and theory, diaspora studies, and cultural studies

Shuyu Kong | Professor | Department of Humanities
China, Asia Pacific
Research Interests: Chinese literary, cultural studies, Asian Diaspora studies, diasporic media and literature

Curriculum Vitae (March 2018)

Helen Hok-Sze Leung | Professor | Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Asia Pacific
Research Interests: Queer and Trans Cinema, Film Sound, Sinophone Media, Transpacific Cultural Studies, Film Location & Film Policies in BC

Curriculum Vitae (January 2018)

Atiya Mahmood | Associate Professor | Department of Gerontology
PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
South Asia
Research Interests: health and built environment with focus on housing for older adults, neighbourhood environment, mobility and active living, socio-cultural factors in homecare and gerontechnology

Maureen Maloney | Professor | School of Public Policy
LL.B. (Warwick), LL.M. (Toronto)
South-East Asia, Iraq, China, Brazil, Guatemala and South Africa
Research Interests: international governance, dispute resolution and human rights

Janice Matsumura | Associate Professor | Department of History
PhD (York)
Japan, Asia
Research Interests: Japanese psychiatric profession, Japanese thought control/internal security system

Kirsten McAllister | Associate Professor | School of Communication
PhD (Carleton University)
Japan, Asia
Research Interests: Visual culture, Cultural memory, Political violence, Photography, memorials, multi-media art, interviews, field work, Asylum and displaced populations, Japanese/Asian Canadian cultural studies

Tamir Moustafa | Professor | School for International Studies
PhD (Washington)
Southeast Asia
Research Interests: Law and society; Religion and politics

Curriculum Vitae (January 2019)

Murray Munro | Professor | Department of Linguistics
PhD (Alberta)
Research Interests: communication skills of immigrant groups in Canada; research on acquisition of tone by speakers of Asia

Curriculum Vitae (February 2018)

Melek Ortabasi | Associate Professor | World Literature Program
PhD (University of Washington)
Research Interests: Children’s literature and World literature, Translation theory and practice, Cultural studies and intellectual history of 20th-century Japan, Crosscultural influences between European and Japanese literature and critical theory, Comparative folklore studies, Film and popular culture in contemporary Japan

Curriculum Vitae (January 2018)

Irene Pang | Assistant Professor | School for International Studies
PhD (Brown University)
China, India
Research Interests: political sociology; development; citizenship; labor; civil society; dynamics of capitalism

Curriculum Vitae (January 2019)

Cindy Patton | Professor | Department of Sociology & Anthropology
PhD (University of Massachusetts)
Research Interests: Social study of medicine; continental theory; research design; and bioethics

Curriculum Vitae (August 2018)

Stacy Pigg | Professor | Department of Sociology & Anthropology
PhD (Cornell University)
South Asia
Research Interests: theory/ethnography in anthropology; medicine and science in postcolonial social relations; sexuality, medicine and reproduction

Curriculum Vitae (December 2018)

Lisa Shapiro | Professor | Department of Philosophy
PhD (University of Pittsburgh)

Research Interests: Early Modern Philosophy, Feminism and Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind (especially perception and emotions), Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Personal Identity

Andrew Sixsmith| Professor | Department of Gerontology
PhD (King's College London)
Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore
Research Interests: technology for independent living; theories and methods in aging and understanding the innovation process

Curriculum Vitae (September 2018)

Naoko Takei| Senior Lecturer | Faculty of Education
PhD (Simon Fraser University)
Research Interests: Japanese language

Curriculum Vitae (February 2019)

Rosalie L. Tung | Professor | Beedie School of Business
Asia Pacific
Research Interests: Comparative and Cross-cultural Management, Strategies for International Business, International Human Resources Management, Asia-Pacific Business, International Business Negotiations

Jan W. Walls | Professor Emeritus | Department of Humanities
PhD (Indiana University)
Asia Pacific
Research Interests: East Asian languages and cultures, East-West intercultural communication, and the theory and practice of cross-cultural translation

Yue Wang | Associate Professor | Department of Linguistics
PhD (Cornell University)
Research Interests: Phonetics, Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Cognitive Science

Jin-me Yoon | Professor | School for the Contemporary Arts
Master of Fine Arts (Concordia University)
Research Interests: cultural identity, diaspora, transnationalism, interculturalism, intergenerational knowledge transfer, intercultural philosophy

Curriculum Vitae (November 2018)

Habiba Zaman | Professor | Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
PhD (University of Manitoba)
South Asia, Bangladesh, the Philipines
Research Interests: immigrants and settlement in Canada, global south and social justice movements, labour mobility, race, gender and class

Curriculum Vitae (February 2018)

David Zandvliet | Associate Professor | Faculty of Education
PhD (Curtin University of Technology, Australia)
Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan
Research Interests: science, technology and environmental education with expertise centred on the assessment of physical and/or psychosocial learning environments

Curriculum Vitae (April 2018)

Yuezhi Zhao | Professor | School of Communication
PhD (Simon Fraser University)
Research Interests: Political economy of global communication; media & democracy; communication industries in China