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SGSC Documents

The Faculty Graduate Studies Committee (FGSC) submits all curriculum materials for SGSC by email to .

Academic units can submit curriculum materials to for feedback but not for approval. All curriculum materials need to be approved by the FGSC before submission to SGSC for approval. 

Program Development Consultation

It is recommended that academic units consult with the Graduate Studies office early in the process of developing a new program or when making program changes. The Associate Dean, Academic and/or Dean of Graduate Studies are available to attend curriculum meetings within your academic unit to assist with the process. Please contact our office at or 778-782-9079 to arrange a consultation session.

Calendar Errors

Editorial calendar errors that do not need SGSC approval can be sent directly to

Graduate curriculum questions or concerns can be directed to:

Daria Babeshko,, 778-782-3188
Coordinator, Graduate Curriculum and Policy


Kathleen Vieira-Ribeiro,, 778-782-9079
Assistant, Senate Graduate Studies Committee