Helpful Tips

Process tips

  1. Start preparing early (one year for courses and program changes; 2-3 years for a new program).
  2. Review the information on this website before starting to work on new or changed programs and courses.
  3. Always use the forms and templates on this website so that the most recent version is being used.
  4. Consult with the Graduate Studies office throughout the process (as early as possible with new programs).
  5. Submit documents before the deadline date (if possible) for feedback.
  6. Carefully fill out all required information on forms and templates.
  7. Have at least two people read through the documents looking for errors before submission.

Program information

  1. Review the entire calendar entry even if changing only one part; a change in wording or number of units may cause a change somewhere else; take the time to consider other revisions that will help update the calendar entry.
  2. Always list courses on a separate line so that the course can be a live link; capstones, examinations, internships, practicums, co-op courses should all be listed in the calendar entry.
  3. The program requirements should be summarized in one statement.
  4. Always specify general units as graduate units if only graduate courses can be used.
  5. Always specify if general units can come from any academic unit or just specific academic units.
  6. Always use the current calendar entry when making revisions; do not use a past entry or requirements from the program website.
  7. Double check the unit totals.

Course Information

  1. Course descriptions should be brief and should never begin with phrases such as "This course will..." or "The purpose of this course is...".
  2. If the grading basis is satisfactory/unsatisfactory, include this in the description.
  3. If a course is only available to students in a particular program, this should be stated in the prerequisite.
  4. If a criminal record check is required, this should be added as a prerequisite.
  5. Double check that a course number hasn't been used before when submitting a new course.
  6. If the grading basis or units are being changed, include a reason why in the rationale.
  7. If the course will be combined (cross-listed) with an undergraduate course, include a description of the additional requirements for the grad course; if quite similar, then the courses should be identified as equivalents.
  8. Library submissions are required for all new courses.
  9. If a course is being deleted or temporarily withdrawn, double check the program calendar entries for any impact because this course will disappear from the program entries.

Senate Documents


Docushare is a comprehensive repository for all Senate documents from 1965 to the present with search capabilities.