How do I set up direct deposit for award refunds?

You can update your direct deposit information yourself by logging into go.sfu.ca and clicking on the "enroll in direct deposit" link under "Finances". You can only register a Canadian bank account and the branch must be in Canada. You can ask your bank for your direct deposit information. If you do not enroll in direct deposit, then a cheque will be issued to you but this is only processed once a month, so it is strongly recommended to set up direct deposit on your go.sfu.ca account. Detailed instructions on setting up direct deposit can be found on our website. heques can be picked up from the Registrar's Information Counters at MBC 3000 level at the SFU Burnaby campus.

How are graduate awards paid? 

You must accept the award you are offered on the online award system (GA3) and enroll full-time in your graduate program before an award can be paid. Award payments will occur on a scheduled basis throughout each term as listed on our website. Award payments will first be applied to your SFU student account, paying off any outstanding tuition and fees. Remaining funds will then be transferred to your bank account as a refund as long as you have signed up for direct deposit.

I am getting a graduate award. Do I have to pay my tuition and fees?

Graduate awards are paid through your SFU student account. This is automatically applied towards any tuition and fees owing. Remaining funds will then be refunded to you via direct deposit if you have updated this online. In order to avoid late tuition payment penalties, students must be registered in their graduate program before the first day of class since we can only pay out your award once you are registered.

How often will I get paid?

All graduate awards are normally paid into your SFU student account once a term. (For dates, see the Award Payments page.), Your award offer will also list the academic term when your award will be paid.

Do I have to pay taxes?

All scholarships and awards are usually non-taxable. You will receive a T4A slip that you can use in filing your taxes to Revenue Canada. If you are a newcomer to Canada, our Income Tax for International Graduate Students page will give you a basic overview of the Canadian tax system.

Why do I need to update my banking information when I am already on SFU Payroll?

SFU Payroll and the SFU Student Accounts are separate systems that do not share information with each other. Banking information for direct deposit of graduate awards, disbursed through SFU Student Accounts, must be entered separately into the Student Information System (go.sfu.ca).

I hold an award, but am planning a leave from my studies (maternity/parental, sick leave or work related leave). Who do I contact and what happens to my award?

The process is different depeding on which award you hold. Please contact the Awards Team at dgsaward@sfu.ca and include your student number and the name of your award(s).

Where do I find my SFU account activity including my money owing, payments, and refunds?

Account Activity on the SFU student system (go.sfu.ca) is only updated once the award has been paid to you. To view your account activity, log into your SIMS student account and follow the steps outlined below:

Click on: Main MenuSelf Service ►Campus Finances ►Account Inquiry ►Activity Tab

After checking your Account Activity, if you believe you are missing a payment or received the incorrect award amount, email dgsaward@sfu.ca with your SFU ID and award information.

You can view your award payment via the Student Information System by clicking on the 'Student Aid & Award Profile' link. Note that this information will only be updated once classes start. This means that you can view Fall information in early September, Spring information in early January and Summer information in early May. You can also access the 'Account Inquiry' link to view how the scholarship was applied to tuition and other fees owing.

What does the status PaidEX or PaidPR mean?

PaidEX means that the award is paid to you directly from an external source (e.g., external organization). PaidPR means that the award is paid to you via bi-weekly payroll payments.

What happens if I do not set up direct deposit?

If you do not set up direct deposit on your go.sfu.ca account, then your refund may be delayed by up to one month since cheques are only issued once a month and will need to be picked up in person from the Registrar's Office at Maggie Benston Building, SFU Burnaby campus. Instructions to update direct deposit can be found here- direct deposit instructions. Check our award schedule for the timing of refunds.