Graduate Liberal Studies Program Bursary

The purpose of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program Bursary is to provide financial support for a student registered in the Graduate Liberal Studies/Special Arrangement PhD cohort. One bursary is normally available annually to cover the cost of tuition for one year.

Terms of Reference

  1. To be eligible for the award, a student must satisfy the following criteria:
    • be registered as a full-time (non 'on leave') student in the Graduate Liberal Studies/ Special Arrangement PhD cohort in the first nine terms
    • be in good academic standing
  2. The applications must be submitted to the Graduate Chair in GLS by August 1st and must be accompanied by:
    • a copy of the most recent Annual Progress Report or draft Program of Study
    • a statement concerning financial need
    • Application form
    • a current transcript

Revised: July2014/ GUSR024