SurreyCares Non-Profit Leader Award

Terms of Reference

  1. The award will support a co-op term for one SurreyCares Non-Profit Leader Award recipient each Summer term. This award is valued at approximately $10,000 and is based on the income from the endowment.
  2. The criteria for this award are:
    • demonstrated academic excellence at the undergraduate level and if applicable, at the graduate level
    • current enrollment at Simon Fraser University in the Master of Public Policy Program
    • an invitation, contingent upon acceptance of this award, to take part in a co-op with an NGO, non-profit, or similar type of organization that is based in and/or of benefit to the City of Surrey
  3. Students may apply on the online Graduate Awards system (GA3) and must be accompanied by:
    • a current, unofficial SFU transcript and a copy of the transcript of the most recent degree program completed
    • one letter of reference from a faculty member familiar with the applicant's work
    • a curriculum vitae summarizing scholastic achievements and work relevant to the aims of this award
    • an invitation from an NGO, non-profit, or similar organization to take part in a co-op
  4. All applications must be submitted to the office of the Director, School of Public Policy.
  5. Nominations are normally due to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by March 31st.
  6. The award will be administered and granted by the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee upon the nomination of the Director, School of Public Policy.

Revised: November 2017/ GESR200