Computing Science Graduate Fellowship

Terms of Reference

  1. The School of Computing Science Graduate Fellowship (CSGF) is a one-term award valued at approximately $6,000 for a Master's student and $6,000 for a PhD student.
  2. This fellowship is available on a matching basis: half of the fellowship will come from the School of Computing Science and the other half, in the form of a research assistantship, from the student’s supervisor.
  3. To be eligible to hold a CSGF, a student must:
    1. be registered as a full-time, regular (not "on-leave" or "part-time") student and must normally have a first-class (≥ 3.50) grade point average
    2. not be carrying a deferred grade at the time of application
    3. have academic merit including grades, research ability, and progress
  4. Demonstrated research ability may outweigh the grade point average criterion. Research ability will include reviewing the student’s referee letters indicating strong support, research publications and positive Computing Science progress reports.
  5. Recipients of a CSGF may accept scholarship support from other sources, but the total value of the support (external and internal scholarship and research assistantship) may not exceed $50,000 per year. In any given term, a student may not hold more than one award from the following group of internal awards — CSGF, SFU Graduate Fellowship, Faculty of Applied Sciences Dean’s Fund Graduate Fellowship (FAS-GF), and President’s PhD Research Stipend.
  6. Recipients of a CSGF may receive no other employment income except as a part-time research assistant or intern where the work involved constitutes the recipient’s actual thesis (or equivalent) research project in the term that the CSGF is held.
  7. Students will normally be eligible to receive CSGF support only during the first 9 terms of a Master's program and during the first 15 terms of a PhD program. Preference will be given to students who are in their first 5 terms for Master’s and first 12 terms for PhD For student transferred from a Masters program to a PhD program, the term of transfer will be regarded as the first term in his/her PhD program in the above calculation.
  8. Applicants may apply for and be recommended for one, two or three terms of support in each academic year (commencing in the Fall term).
  9. Application for the award must be done through the Graduate Award, Application, and Adjudication System (GA3).
  10. Awards are made by the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee on the recommendation of the School of Computing Science Graduate Committee.

Revised: April 2015

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