Rhodes Scholarship in Canada

The Rhodes Scholarship in Canada is awarded to exceptional students pursuing or planning on pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Oxford in England.

Intellectual excellence is required of Rhodes Scholars, but it is not enough to earn this outstanding educational opportunity — Rhodes emphasized in his will that he was not interested in "mere bookworms." His vision in founding the scholarship was to invest in and develop outstanding leaders who would be motivated to "fight the world's fight" — his rallying call for esteeming public service as one's highest aim.

Candidates must be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents (students who are attending a Canadian university on a visa are not eligible to apply in Canada but may be eligible to apply from their home countries); be domiciled in Canada; have not passed his/her 25th birthday by October 1st in the year of commencement at Oxford University; have been born after September 1, 1991, and on or before October 1, 1997; and have received an undergraduate degree before taking up the scholarship (See Canada Memorandum).


SFU Timeline for 2017 Rhodes Award Application

  • Information session: TBD
  • SFU Application Deadline for Rhodes 2017 (completed application including all requested documents to SFU Financial Aid and Awards office): TBD
  • Interview (in-person) of shortlisted SFU applicants: TBD (subject to change)
  • Interview with the President with final nominee(s): TBD (based on his schedule)
  • Online application finalized with nominee(s) from SFU to BC Rhodes Committee: TBD
  • BC Rhodes online application deadline: TBD

Tip: If you're not Canadian, there are Rhodes Scholarships for many countries around the world. Wikipedia lists the Rhodes quotas for each year by country.