China Scholarship Council

Simon Fraser University is honoured to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the China Scholarship Council (CSC) which will provide joint funding for students pursuing studies at Simon Fraser University. 

There are three study options for CSC Scholarships at SFU:

  • CSC Scholarship (PhD): The CSC scholarship provides approximately $1,700 per month and travel expenses to entering PhD students. SFU provides a tuition waiver up to 48 months under the condition that the CSC’s support is secured. See below for more information about the CSC Scholarship (PhD) at SFU.
  • Visiting Doctoral Student:  the CSC provides a 1 year scholarship, valued at approximately $1,600 per month, for students who are currently registered in a PhD program in China to visit SFU for research purposes. SFU provides no additional funding, unless agreed to by the SFU research supervisor. If you wish to come for a short-term visit, please see how to apply as a visiting graduate research student.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: The CSC provides 3-12 month scholarship, valued at approximately $1,600 per month, for individuals who hold a PhD degree to obtain further research training at SFU. If you wish to visit SFU as a postdoctoral fellow, positions may be listed on individual departments' websites or on faculty members' websites.

CSC Scholarship (PhD) at SFU

The CSC portion covers living allowances (including health insurance), a “round trip” airfare to SFU by the most economical route, and visa application fees, valued at approximately $1,700 per month. The SFU portion covers the cost of tuition up to 48 months under the condition that the CSC’s support is secured.  The total combined award value is approximately $25,400 per year ($20,400 from the CSC and $5,000 in SFU Tuition waivers).



The full eligibility criteria for the China Scholarship Council funding is available on the CSC website. You may be eligible to apply for a CSC Scholarship if you:

  • Plan to be enrolled full-time in a graduate program leading to a  Doctoral degree at Simon Fraser University
  • Are a Chinese citizen living in China. If you are currently studying outside of China, you need to contact the Education Office of the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Canada to find out how to apply.
  • Meet the minimum academic and English language requirements of the SFU graduate program to which you wish to apply.

Application Process and Deadlines

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you must follow all regular application procedures for admission to SFU, as follows:

  • Submit a PhD program admission application to Simon Fraser University by the deadline listed on the department's website.  You must submit your application by the department's deadline or by January 15 for the upcoming Fall term, which ever date comes first. 
  • Important: note on your PhD program admission application that you have applied to CSC or will be applying for the CSC competition.
  • You need your offer of admission from Simon Fraser University (which you will receive no later than March 20), to apply to the CSC scholarship program. You apply for the CSC Scholarship through your home university in China (see CSC website for more information). 
  • The CSC will inform you by May 31 if you are successful in obtaining CSC funding. You must send a copy of your CSC award letter to; we will process your tuition waiver.  

If you have any questions about the Simon Fraser University-China Scholarship Council agreement, please contact

At a Glance

SFU-China Scholarship Council Agreement for Doctoral Students.

Eligibility:  Selected successful recipients of the China Scholarship Council funding are eligible to receive a tuition waiver.

Process: Apply for admission to SFU first, apply for CSC Scholarship second.

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