Schwarzman Scholars

Value: Students selected to become Schwarzman Scholars will receive a comprehensive scholarship. It will include: tuition fees, room and board, travel to and from Beijing at the beginning and end of the academic year, an in-country study tour, required course books and supplies, Lenovo laptop and smartphone, health insurance, and a personal stipend of $3,500.

Eligibility: 18 - 28 years old, any nationality. 

Undergraduate degree or first degree from an accredited college or university or its equivalent. 

English language proficiency. 

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Application deadline: September.  Deadline for applicants who hold passports from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao is May.



Schwarzman Scholars: Overview

Schwarzman Scholars is a highly-selective, fully-funded scholarship program, based at the Tsinghua University in Beijing. The program was designed to ensure that the next generation of business, political and civil society leaders around the world can effectively serve as bridges between China and the rest of the world. They aim to achieve this by (1) recruiting promising young leaders from around the world; (2) educating them about China’s global role via a one-year Master’s in global affairs at Tsinghua; and (3) linking them to senior mentors in their field in China and to their peers among China’s rising young leaders. You may also find it helpful to view this video introduction, this profile in the New York Times, and/or to download the program’s full brochure

Application Opens in April 2018

Applications for the 2019-2020 class will be open from April to September of 2018, with final selections made in November 2018. (*Applicants with Chinese passports must apply by May 2018, with selections made in September 2018).

Scholars selected from around the world will pursue a fully-funded one-year Master's degree at Schwarzman College, an academic and residential building on Tsinghua’s campus. They will hone their leadership skills through a curriculum designed by academics from around the globe and frequent interactions with lecturers and guest speakers. Additionally, Scholars will spend considerable time outside the classroom developing firsthand exposure to China and its people through thematic study tours, a mentoring program and internships with employers in Beijing.

All classes will be taught in English, and students will have the opportunity to study Mandarin. Schwarzman Scholars will recruit an internationally diverse cohort each year, people who have the ambition and talent to take on executive roles in government, civil society, or business and who have a commitment to building understanding among people with differing perspectives, welcoming applicants up to age 28.

The program has been built with the support of donors from around the world and an Advisory Board consisting of global leaders, including Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Nicolas Sarkozy, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Tung Chee Hwa, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hank Paulson, Bob Rubin, Jim Wolfensohn, Richard Haas, Richard Levin, Sir Colin Lucas, Richard Brodhead, Nobel Laureate Chen Ning Yang, John Thornton, Yo-Yo Ma, and Bob Dudley.