Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

Value: $40,000 annual stipend & $20,000 travel allowance per year (up to 3 years)

Preliminary Application deadline: Apply and submit your preliminary application by December 15th (next business day - December 16th) to 

This includes Trudeau application webform in PDF file (save and print as PDF) and unofficial transcripts but not reference letters. Please do NOT click on the submit button on the system. GPS office will review and selected applicants will be contacted for feedback and guidance for the next steps. 

The 2020 competition will launch on Friday, November 15th, 2019 - visit here for more information.  

NOTE: It can take up to 96 business hours for the Trudeau Foundation to send your username and password.  So, register on the site as soon as possible.  The Trudeau Foundation's office will be closed between December 21 and January 3 and will not be process registrations during this period.

Eligiblity: Doctoral students already accepted into or in year one, two, or three of a full-time program in the humanities or social sciences whose work relates to one of the Foundations' four themes;  

Canadian citizens, whether at a Canadian or an international institution;

Up to 25% of Scholars in a given year may be non-Canadians (permanent residents or foreign nationals) enrolled in a doctoral program at a Canadian institution

Website: Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship Program


Are there instructions for references?

Enter the work email address of the references in your application.  References will receive an email to attach a PDF file to the Trudeau Foundation portal.  The reference letter should be on company letterhead and have the reference's contact details and handwritten signature.  Check the Trudeau Foundation website for further information on the type of references required.

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