Barbara and James Bennet Graduate Award in Chemistry

Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of this award is to offer financial assistance and recognition to outstanding graduate students enrolled in the Department of Chemistry.
  2. This award is funded by two-third of the spending allocation from the Barbara and James Bennet Scholars Endowment Fund. Each award, with a maximum value of $4,000 will be awarded annually in the Fall term. Multiple awards may be disbursed if the endowment income permits; however, the value of additional awards must be equal to the first award given in any fiscal year.
  3. The criteria for this award are:
    1. demonstrated academic excellence at the graduate level and if applicable, at the undergraduate level
    2. full-time registration in a master's or doctoral program of study in the Department of Chemistry in the research area of Chemical Biology
  4. During the term in which the award is paid, the recipient must be registered in a thesis course only.
  5. Students who receive continuous scholarship support over a period of at least one year are not eligible for this award. The award cannot be held concurrently with a SFU teaching assistantship. Students who have previously received this award are not eligible to re-apply. This award can be used to top up an internal graduate fellowship.
  6. Students can apply on the online graduate awards system (GA3).  The application must be accompanied by:
    1. a current, unofficial SFU transcript and a copy of the transcript of the most recent degree program completed
    2. one letter of reference from a faculty member familiar with the applicant's work
    3. a concise (no more than one-page) outline of the proposed research
    4. a curriculum vitae summarizing scholastic achievements and work relevant to the aims of this award
  7. The completed application and supporting documents must be received by the Department of Chemistry.
  8. The award will be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies on behalf of the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee, upon the recommendation of the Department of Chemistry's Graduate Program Committee.


Revised: September 2014 / GESR203


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