David L. Baillie Graduate Fellowships in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of this award is to provide financial support for students pursuing a PhD degree in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry program.
  2. The David L. Baillie Graduate Fellowships in Molecular and Cellular Biology are one-term awards valued at a portion of the earned income from the endowment.
  3. The criteria for this award are:
    1. full-time registration at Simon Fraser University in a doctoral program in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in the Faculty of Science
    2. applicants must have completed a minimum of two years towards their PhD program
    3. demonstrated academic and research excellence at the post-graduate level with particular emphasis on intellectual ability, originality and ability in research
  4. This award may be held in conjunction with other awards made by Simon Fraser University or other agencies where permitted by those agencies.
  5. Application is made on the online Grad Awards, Application and Adjudication System (GA3) and must be accompanied by:
    1. a current, unofficial SFU transcript and an official transcript from the most recent degree program at another post-secondary institution
    2. a concise, one-page description of the proposed or actual thesis research project
    3. a curriculum vitae summarizing scholastic achievements and work relevant to the aims of this scholarship
    4. two letters of reference: one letter of reference from the student’s supervisor and a second letter of reference from someone other than the supervisor who is familiar with the applicant’s research abilities
  6. The completed application and all supporting documents must be received by the department of enrolment.
  7. The award will be made by the Dean of Graduate Studies on behalf of the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication Committee.

Revised: February 2012 / GESR143


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