Grant Sheffer Undergraduate Student Research Award in Physics

Terms of Reference

  1. The Grant Sheffer Undergraduate Student Research Award funding is derived from two sources: the annual spending allocation from the Grant Sheffer Undergraduate Student Research Award Endowed Fund at a minimum of $4,500, and a faculty supplement necessary to keep this award value consistent with SFU VPR USRAs and NSERC funding. 
  2. One or more research awards will be granted each year in any term to an SFU undergraduate student who, at the time of application, fulfills the following criteria:
    1. is enrolled full-time in a bachelor's degree program with a major in Physics
    2. has completed all of the course requirements of at least the first year of university study;
    3. has maintained, over the previous year of study, a minimum 2.67 CGPA;
    4. had held two or fewer undergraduate student research awards (including NSERC USRAs); and
    5. has not started a program of graduate studies.
  3. To apply for this award, a student and proposed supervisor must complete the Undergraduate Research Award application from the Department of Physics. 
  4. The research award will be granted by the Dean of Graduate Studies on behalf of the Senate Graduate Awards Adjudication committee, upon the nomination of the Chair, Department of Physics.

Revised: August2017 / UUSO111


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